‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ at Kinkell: DRA Ball 2015


The DRA/ Fife Park Ball committee promised us a magical night in Kinkell Byre, and on most counts, it delivered. Upon entry you were handed a decoratively adorned glass of complimentary sangria and a fluorescent lei. While I was unsure how a tropical flowery necklace fit into the theme of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream,’ I was nonetheless strangely pleased to have one. The decorations were sparse, not adding or detracting much to the scene, but merely providing a stage for a night of dancing in the haze of fairy lights and crepe paper streamers.

Photo: Freya Coursey
Photo: Freya Coursey

The entire setting was aesthetically on point, but it is hard to miss points in that area as far as events are held given Kinkells’ inherent charm. The one place where the decorations truly did succeed was in the Shisha tent, located in a marquis and decked out with woodland foliage, offering a magical locale to get away from the frenzy of the dance floor . The faithful favourites of any ball, Jannettas and Butler’s Wraps, were also present, and supplied some much-needed nourishment to many.

Many ball-goers rushed the Jannettas stand early in the evening, and the resulting puddles of neglected ice cream dotted the floor for the rest of the night to the disdain of long gowned-women in attendance.

The music at the event was the absolute best part. The steadfast Other Guys started the evening off, and DJ SAUNIT got everyone in the mood to dance with Tech House remixes. The headlining act was an audio/visual DJ from London, Beat a Maxx.

Though I did not quite understand the visual component, which basically consisted of screens showing music videos, the music was great to dance to, and I have been reassured, universally liked. In my opinion, however, the musical highlight of the evening was St Andrews’ very own John Doe etc, a local band led by lead singer is Leon O’Rourke, our very own student association DoES. The band played covers of crowd-pleasing favourites, and provided the best dancing of the night.
Overall, while the DRA/FP Ball was not perfect, it definitely delivered on all its promises of a magical night. Fruity cocktails were consumed, and lovers danced in a haze of glitter and fairy lights and flowers, leaving many of us to wonder if it really was all a dream.

Photo: Freya Coursey
Photo: Freya Coursey


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