Manifesto analysis: Steve Fan, candidate for Association president


Steve Fan is running for Association President with no experience in the Union whatsoever; on SRC or SSC. With no manifesto to analyse, The Saint has had to look at his short 250 word statement.

HMO cap

Mr Fan says that he will “use the resources of the University and students to work toward a phasing-out or removal of the current HMO (Houses in Multiple Occupation) cap in town.” Though the HMO cap is an important issue for students, Mr Fan gives absolutely no ideas about how to tackle the situation. He also gives no indication on what these “resources” are.

University accommodation

His next policy is to “prompt the University to construct more University accommodation more quickly, and expand the portfolio of university – owned and – managed accommodation in town.” Again Mr Fan gives no explanation of how he would fund these builds or how he would ‘prompt’ the University. Such hollow promises cannot be trusted.

Hall fees

In a third unsubstantiated policy, Mr Fan says he will “reduce increases in hall accommodation fees and predatory behaviour among private accommodation providers by using Association resources for advocacy and scrutiny.” Once more Mr Fan has given no evidence that he can deliver on this promise, with no examples of how this could be achieved.

The Saint’s assessment

Mr Fan seems to be genuinely concerned about the accommodation situation in St Andrews, but it is hard to tell how serious he is about becoming President. With no experience to speak of and seemingly unachievable policies, Mr Fan’s promises cannot be believed.


  1. Voltaire’s assessment:
    With no credibility and a dearth of staff capable of writing anything coherent, The Saint’s opinions cannot be believed. Once more, The Saint has given no evidence that their coverage should be taken as anything more than a space set out to promulgate the continuing circle-jerk amongst Union hacks – and other egotistical loons – that typify the politics of this town. That being said, The Saint does seem genuinely concerned with everything bar the quality of its content; thus, it is hard to tell how serious The Saint is about the smorgasbord it tries to purvey each week.

  2. This article is pure slander. Ms. Miller has embarrassed herself and has de-credited any future writings/opinions The Saint may put forward with regard to the the election of the Association President. At no point in this article has she made any effort to hide her disgustingly obvious bias. If an outside reader were to glance at this badly written attempt at journalism, they could not be blamed for thinking that the writer has a personal vendetta against Mr. Fan. Further, I’m not sure what right Ms. Miller thinks that she has to question the seriousness of Mr. Fan’s candidacy- If I were Mr. Fan, I would be insulted. I sincerely hope, for the sake of our children, that the journalists of The Saint stay away from our national newspapers.

    Warm Regards.

  3. This is quite genuinely slanderous and extremely biased – particularly when compared to the depth and seriousness afforded to the other two candidates for President.

    The fact that Steve Fan has not been associated with the Union before is actually a positive for many people.

  4. It is inherently unfair to compare a short, 250 word statement and compare this with other candidates’ longer manifestos. There is barely enough space to fully set out policies and positions, let alone give the examples this article seems to have penalised Steve Fan for not giving. It is also wrong to cast aspersions as to the seriousness of his intentions in running for this position – this simply leads to accusations of bias.

  5. I like criticizing the Saint just as much as the next guy, but let’s be real here: compared to some other President candidates, it is much harder to assess the feasibility of Mr Fan’s ideas. To write so isn’t a hugely unfair and biased statement. Also, I’d be the first to applaud him if he described his plans in further detail either through a manifesto or in the debates, and I’m sure such statements would be published as well. That’s my rant for the night, now I’m off to look at more of Steve’s cover photos.

  6. “Such hollow promises cannot be trusted”. What??I thought the Saint was supposed to be neutral during Elections? Who cares if there is no manifesto to analyse, any journalist with an ounce of sense could attempt to use this candidate’s short statement to get across his intentions in a positive way. There is absolutely no need for the unnecessary slander and frankly it is an immature and mean article. I expected better from the Saint. Embarrassing.

  7. This is such a poor article. Steve Fan is a breath of fresh air to the university politics which is corrupted by squares like Pat Mat. Another hugely disappointing article by the Saint, which like university politics is corrupt and bias. #freetherepublic

  8. This is terrible reporting, it reads more like an opinion piece than a neutral report.
    I am not a Fan of this “analysis” at all.

  9. Gravitas, charm, wit – the Saint acts like these essential values in a leader are somehow less important than policy platforms and political connections, and instead choose to ignore Mr. Fan’s obvious charisma. In this era of nepotism and corruption at all levels of authority, perhaps the Saint would do well to see Mr. Fan’s ideological flexibility and inexperience as a blessing in disguise. But no, the dear old Saint treats Mr. Fan with the kind of diffident condescension and closed-mindedness that I would expect from the No campaign in the referendum, not from the self-proclaimed “independent voice of St Andrews students”. This attitude towards a man who truly speaks for the people (so long uninspired and uninterested by previous Association presidents and their actions) will only Fan the flames of discontent.

  10. I’m very surprised The Saint approved this article. Whilst Steve Fan is lambasted for having no experience (because if you haven’t spent 3 and a half years in the cut-throat world of student politics deliberating over who can use what toilet you are absolutely worthless) or evidence for his policies, the same ‘analysis’ of Ben Anderson’s campaign offers no substantial criticism whatsoever of his ideas – the promise to establish a student run letting agency is an absurdly lofty claim, and to a lesser extent so is funding for yet more Sabbatical officers, yet these are met with a mere whisper of doubt. I’d be happy for someone to explain to me why Mr Anderson’s aims are so much more realistic.

    Opinion aside, why is it appropriate to offer comparatively neutral commentary for one candidate, and yet outright condemnation of another – ‘such hollow promises cannot be trusted’. Perhaps now Mr Fan has been allowed to speak on his own behalf, this article can be re-addressed?

    Also, why on earth has Pat Mathewson been given an largely uninterrupted 23 minute long platform to pontificate on his own legacy, and yet both other candidates half that time with a bloke who thinks he’s Jeremy Paxman? ‘Oh you want to address the housing situation – well why do you hate mental health then…’ What a joke.

  11. My only concern with The Right Honourable gentleman Mr. Fan is that he may struggle bum the Rector as well as me.

  12. This is an absolute joke. Steve Fan has a manifesto out, why dont you update this article to reflect that.

    Poor journalism and clear bias. Re-interviewing Pat because his didn’t go well, giving him double the time, and not challenging a thing he says.

    What an absolute joke.

    The Saint has proven themselves to be a bunch of lazy Pat lovers.

    • Well clearly Chairman Pat is the best candidate anyway so let’s just call off the whole fair election thing. Four more years!

  13. Next time you conduct interviews, you should probably not send this floppy-haired half-wit who – under the obvious pretense of ‘getting the right response’ – repeatedly cuts off Mr Fan. Journalists are foremost communicators; it would appear that the journalist in question’s foremost concern is to attempt to berate Mr Fan – his conduct especially regarding the study spaces was lackluster at best, willfully ignorant at worst.

  14. When has a union president EVER delivered on the ridiculous promises they make during elections? Steve is the only honest candidate in a sabbatical race since Jamie Ross

    The saint is a rag and this isn’t real journalism. I’ve seen more cutting edge analysis in the daily sport.

    Yes We Fan


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