Elections 2015: Association, SRC, SSC and school president candidates


Association Officers

Association Chair: Zara Evans, Tejas Shah

Community relations officer: Clare Armstrong

LGBT officer: Sigrid Jorgensen

Environment and ethics officer: Mandarr Brandi, Hugh Casey, Lara Fahey, Devan Maloney, Alice Pickthall, Mariya Simeonova

Association alumni officer: Charlotte Andrew, Tommy Rowe

Students’ Representative Council (SRC)

Employability officer: Victoria Conran, Anthony Lehnhoff, Nils Turner

Equal opportunities officer: Omar Ali, Robert Aston, Chris Walker

Wellbeing officer: Miriam Chappell, Laura Moran, Hannah Risser

External campaigns officer: Toby Emerson, Eleanor Wright

Accommodation officer: Alexandre Ciric, Bernie Munro

Member for racial equality: Jackie Ashkin

Member for students with disabilities: Freya Boyes, Keziah May, Kate Mayer, Clara Pickering, Evangeline Tawil

Member for international students: Andreas Van Den Hombergh, MacGregor McGehee, Kian Shakerin, Adam Stromme, Mai Vu

Member for first years: Armaan Ireland, Holly Johnston, Austen Schurig

Member for mature students: Aysha Marty, Connor Thomson

Member for widening access and participation: Hope Gaffney, Maxwell Speirs, Claire Simpson, Camelia Yousefpour

Member for gender equality: Jo Boon, Sarah Gharib, Alice Lecointe, Sophie Stuart-Menteth

Postgraduate convenor: Tania Streutzel

Arts and divinity faculty president: Yeung Cheung, Eleanor Mullin, Nicola Simonetti

Science and medicine faculty president: Seamus Crumley, Louise McCaul, Yin Noe

Students’ Services Council (SSC)

Debates officer (UDS): Alyssa Muzyk

Broadcasting officer (STAR): Bruce Kerr

Charities officer: Amy Christison, Nathan Dwelley

Performing arts officer (Mermaids): Jo Bowman

External funding officer: Courtney Lewis, Tierney Riordan

Volunteering officer: Elizabeth Barnes, Catherine Brearley, Camille Hamilton-Villemur, Chloe Smyth, Julian Urruela, Sam Watson

Societies officer: Robert Dixon Lavin Tian

Music officer (Music is Love): Ipek Ozsoy

Postgraduate society president: Aline Heyerick, Porsiana Beatrice

Member without portfolio: Annabel Romanos

School Presidents & Modern Language Convenors

Art history: Lily Barnes, Isabelle Mooney

Biology: Ashley Bae, Mabel Barclay, Amelia Hunter, Chloe Milligan, Luke Shepherd

Chemistry: Claire Brodie, Ben Griffiths, Cameron Lyall

Classics: Marjan Magharehi

Computer science: Vika Anisomova, Maria Kustikova, Lauren Murray, Robin Nabel,

Divinity: Gregory Chilson, Shelby Oney, Tim Stackhouse

Earth and environmental sciences: Sarah Alexander, Gavin Tolometti

Economics and finance: Andreas Arbin Jakob Dowling, Kirsty Mearns, Young Kim

English: Griffin Dellaverson, Jonathan McNaul, Eilidh Reid

Film studies: Fidan Gasimova, Kit Klaes

Geography and sustainable development: Megan Jane Inglis, Lauren Ness, Nicholas Wells

History: Megan Bruce, Cameron Houston, Susannah McClanahan

International relations: Dylan Bruce, Mira Boneva, Fabio Gerhold, Ane Gunderson, Boudicca Hellberg, Ellen MacPherson, Dylan Weisser, Callum Yourston

Management: Verity Baynton, Louis Fearn, Raghav Mehra, Niko Rothermel

Mathematics and statistics: Yi Ding

Medicine: Nominations open 2 March

Modern languages: Charlotte Hignett

Philosophy: Sally Allmark

Physics and astronomy: Asa Unger

Psychology and neuroscience: Matthew Buchan, Natalie Clare, Robert Morgan, Elizabeth Macrae, Deborah Moffett

Social Anthropology: Imogen Hawley

Arabic/Persian Convenor: Alexandra Murray, Sarah Hathorn

Comparative Literature Convenor: Claudia Russell

French Convenor: No candidates

German Convenor: No candidates

Italian Convenor: No candidates

Russian Convenor: Patrick Couldwell

Spanish Convenor: Matt Eccleston


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