Concrete Catwalk takes the Bubble by storm

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Photo: Concrete Catwalk St Andrews

Seemingly out of nowhere – Concrete Catwalk – a student led Instagram account, has catalyzed a campus-wide obsession with street style. Although most students have heard of Concrete Catwalk, few have met its founding members. Exclusively to The Saint, the founder Jamilah Jaffer, a photographer, Tanya Krotovskaya and the creative director, Kristen Tsubota, reveal their origins, inspiration and what makes a student worth snapping.

The Saint: How did you come up with the idea for Concrete Catwalk?

JJ: I came up with the idea before last summer, while walking back to Agnes Blackadder Hall with a friend. We were discussing the
high caliber of dress at St Andrews, and how even the guys looked immaculate. During the summer, I then thought of creating an Instagram account, which would document St Andrews student style. After advertising via Facebook, one person came to the first meeting.

KT: I was that person!

TS:Who are your favourite style bloggers, and how do they inspire you?

JJ: I really like Tar Mar Tales, an Irish fashion blogger. I also love fashion YouTube videos, which provide useful style inspiration.

TK: I adore Elin Kling. She’s a Swedish blogger, who runs her own magazine. She’s minimalistic, yet still has inspiring and classy style.

KT: I love WhoWhatWear – she just came out with a Topshop jewellery line. I also read Aimee Song and Cupcakes & Cashmere.

What makes St Andrews sartorially different in comparison to your hometown?

TK: Back home in Russia, everyone adores heels and dressing up. Within St Andrews, the prevalence of Barbour and Canada
Goose illustrates a laid-back polish. Through these brands, you can actually identify which country a student is from. Backwards caps are distinctly American [laughs].

JJ: I think it’s so different to London – in London people are a lot edgier – whereas St Andrews students tend to be more chic and presentable. St Andrews is so distinct – even to any other university town.

KT: In Los Angeles, most students opt for Lululemon leggings and a jumper – no one dresses up for class. At home there’s also a lot of homogeny, whereas here possesses a lot of variety.

What makes a student special enough to photograph?

KT: If their look has a distinct element to it, a unique article of clothing that isn’t seen everyday. Some people think you have to wear a certain type of outfit, but in reality, we’re drawn to outfits that display character.

TK: You also feel the vibe of the person – their confidence, which plays a role in pulling off any look.

Where are the best spots to find stylish students on Campus?

KT: Generally, we find the most students on North Street. However, we walk from South, to North to Market Street usually.

JJ: The spot has to be quiet enough to stop someone too.

What are your hopes for the future of Concrete Catwalk? How do you want to make it bigger and better?

JJ: We’re thinking events – we’re in early talks with a music society – so we were thinking a music and street style event would be pretty cool. Possibly a website, but we’re open to ideas.


Be sure to follow Concrete Catwalk and their future endeavours at: @concrete.catwalk.standrews on Instagram.

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