Association elections 2015: Candidates


Sabbatical Officers

Association President

Ben Anderson

Ben Anderson_cutout






Manifesto analysis and interview

Steve Fan

Steve Fan cutout






Manifesto analysis and interview

Pat Mathewson

Pat Mathewson cutout






Manifesto analysis and interview

Richard Singleton

Richard Singleton cutout






Manifesto analysis

Director of Representation

Jack Carr

Jack Carr cutout






Manifesto analysis and interview

Josh Gumbley

Josh Gumbley cutout






Manifesto analysis and interview

Fallon Sheffield

Fallon Sheffield cutout






Manifesto analysis and interview

Joe Tantillo

Joe Tantillo cutout






Manifesto analysis and interview

Director of Student Development and Activities

Kyle Blain

Kyle Blain cutout






Manifesto analysis and interview

Amanda Hollinger

Amanda Hollinger_cutout






Manifesto analysis and interview

Director of Events and Services

Chris MacRae

Chris MacRae cutout






Manifesto analysis and interview

Emily Rogers

Emily Rogers cutout






Manifesto analysis and interview

Athletic Union President

Sarah Thompson

Sarah Thompson cutout






Manifesto analysis and interview

Association Officers

Association Chair: Zara Evans, Tejas Shah

Community relations officer: Clare Armstrong

LGBT officer: Sigrid Jorgensen

Environment and ethics officer: Hugh Casey, Lara Fahey, Devan Maloney, Alice Pickthall, Mariya Simeonova

Association alumni officer: Charlotte Andrew, Tommy Rowe

Students’ Representative Council (SRC)

Employability officer: Anthony Lehnhoff, Nils Turner

Equal opportunities officer: Omar Ali, Robert Aston, Chris Walker

Wellbeing officer: Miriam Chappell, Laura Moran, Hannah Risser

External campaigns officer: Toby Emerson, Eleanor Wright

Accommodation officer: Alexandre Ciric, Bernie Munro

Member for racial equality: Jackie Ashkin

Member for students with disabilities: Freya Boyes, Keziah May, Kate Mayer, Evangeline Tawil

Member for international students: MacGregor McGehee, Kian Shakerin, Adam Stromme, Mai Vu

Member for first years: Armaan Ireland, Holly Johnston, Austen Schurig

Member for mature students: Aysha Marty, Connor Thomson

Member for widening access and participation: Hope Gaffney, Maxwell Speirs, Claire Simpson, Camelia Yousefpour

Member for gender equality: Jo Boon, Sarah Gharib, Alice Lecointe

Postgraduate convenor: Tania Streutzel

Arts and divinity faculty president: Yeung Cheung, Eleanor Mullin, Nicola Simonetti

Science and medicine faculty president: Seamus Crumley, Louise McCaul, Yin Noe

Students’ Services Council (SSC)

Debates officer (UDS): Alyssa Muzyk

Broadcasting officer (STAR): Bruce Kerr

Charities officer: Amy Christison

Performing arts officer (Mermaids): Jo Bowman

External funding officer: Courtney Lewis, Tierney Riordan

Volunteering officer: Camille Hamilton-Villemur, Chloe Smyth, Julian Urruela, Sam Watson

Societies officer: Robert Dixon, Lavin Tian

Music officer (Music is Love): Ipek Ozsoy

Postgraduate society president: Aline Heyerick, Porsiana Beatrice

Member without portfolio: Annabel Romanos, Pia Szabo

School Presidents & Modern Language Convenors

Art history: Lily Barnes, Isabelle Mooney

Biology: Ashley Bae, Mabel Barclay, Amelia Hunter, Chloe Milligan, Luke Shepherd

Chemistry: Claire Brodie, Ben Griffiths, Cameron Lyall

Classics: Marjan Magharehi

Computer science: Vika Anisomova, Maria Kustikova, Lauren Murray, Robin Nabel,

Divinity: Gregory Chilson, Shelby Oney, Tim Stackhouse

Earth and environmental sciences: Sarah Alexander, Gavin Tolometti

Economics and finance: Andreas Arbin, Jakob Dowling, Kirsty Mearns, Young Kim

English: Griffin Dellaverson, Jonathan McNaul, Eilidh Reid

Film studies: Fidan Gasimova, Kit Klaes

Geography and sustainable development: Megan Inglis, Lauren Ness, Nicholas Wells

History: Megan Bruce, Cameron Houston, Susannah McClanahan

International relations: Dylan Bruce, Mira Boneva, Fabio Gerhold, Callum Yourston

Management: Louis Fearn, Niko Rothermel

Mathematics and statistics: Yi Ding, Raghav Mehra

Medicine: Nominations open 2 March

Modern languages: Verity Baynton, Charlotte Hignett

Philosophy: Sally Allmark, David Caballeros, Ieva Vasilijeva

Physics and astronomy: Tomi Baikie

Psychology and neuroscience: Natalie Clare, Robert Morgan, Elizabeth Macrae, Deborah Moffett

Social Anthropology: Imogen Hawley

Arabic/Persian Convenor: Alexandra Murray, Sarah Hathorn

Comparative Literature Convenor: Claudia Russell

French Convenor: No candidates

German Convenor: No candidates

Italian Convenor: No candidates

Russian Convenor: Patrick Couldwell

Spanish Convenor: Matt Eccleston



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