Refreshers’ 2015: Sinners

Photo: Samantha Marcus

With the closure of Venue 1, St Andrews students held a fair amount of skepticism about the Union’s ability to maintain its nightlife. However, Wednesday nights’ Refreshers’ Sinners made clear that students can still rely on the Union for a great night out. To capitalize on the space available, the DJ was brought to the Main Bar dance floor, and the feel was indistinguishable from that of being in Venue 1.

Photo: Samantha Marcus
Photo: Samantha Marcus

The ₤2 entry fee and ever-cheaper drinks at the Union provided a much less expensive night comparatively to that of an evening spent at the Vic or the Lizard whilst boasting the same quality; a highlight particularly for those who wanted to enjoy all the events of Refreshers’ week without breaking budget. The DJ was a crowd-pleaser and played popular songs and great remixes, without compromising good taste. There was never a lull in music, and the stream of upbeat songs was endless, keeping everyone locked on the dance floor with hollow promises of “just one last song and then we can go!” The heavily staffed bar provided quicker service than anticipated, so dancers could cool off before immediately returning to their friends.

In the spirit of Sinners, sports teams came dressed in their uniforms and signature clothes. This was made significantly easier by the Student Night Bus; a fantastic service provided by the University which allowed students to wear their uniforms without worrying about dressing warmly for the bitterly cold walk home. Sinners was in full speed all the way until the 2am close time, after which groups of students crowded faithfully to Dervish and Empire for a late night snack before retreating home and debating whether tomorrow morning’s 9:00 lecture would be worth it.

Even after the six week break, Wednesday has been quickly reclaimed as a student night out. The first Sinners of 2015 effectively set the tone for the rest of the year, and students can be sure to expect the same fun and unique events that St Andrews has always offered. As a fresher, I’m impressed by Leon O’Rourke (the Director of Events and Services) ability to conceptualize and implement events as welcoming and varied as the ones lined up for Refreshers’ week. St Andrews is by far the only town that can encapsulate the passion and diversity of the world into three small streets.


  1. How wrong can an article be. No sports clubs and ever increasing drinks prices in what can only be described as an atmospherically dead space.


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