Survey: What do you think people spend the most money on during exams?

In the midst of exam season, exams are the only thing on people’s minds or at least how to procrastinate revising for them. Most conversations these days consist of the routine few statements: “How are exams?”, “Yeah, I had one yesterday and have two more to go” and “That sucks.” This conversation echoes through the library, which for the past two weeks has reached at least 800 occupants each day. Taking a quick walk around shows that while all are working hard, it is naturally easy for those revising to take a break to satisfy the social media need on Facebook and Instagram. The term’s most popular procrastination tool, Yik Yak, has appeared as a fount of all knowledge (and frustration venting), with the most upvoted posts over the exam period so far being related to procrastination, eating copious amounts of junk food and general alcoholism, albeit under the guise of anonymity.

When The Saint asked students in person, most people tended to agree with the sentiments expressed on Yik Yak. Here is a selection of their responses to questions about what delights they enjoy during the revision break:

“Apparently Domino’s had a 2 hour long queue the other night so I guess pizza.” – George, 3 exams

“Dominos. LOL.” – Omar, 2 exams

DSC_0009“CRISPS. Or just all foodstuffs … library snacks.” – Helen, 3 exams

“Junk food/sweets. The very soul of any revision session.” – Adam, 4 exams

“Probably food; especially take-outs during long days at the library or just junk food throughout the day.” – Andrew, 3 exams

“Probably alcohol? Performance enhancing drugs. Food.” – Fred, 3 exams

“Baking, like pre-made .. like lots of cookies.” – Jonathan, 3 exams

“Oh gosh haha um maybe chocolate? I bought so much this past week.” – Logan, 1 exam, but also essays!


As the first week of exams come to a close and we begin to loathe those who have already finished, The Saint turns the question to you – what is getting you through this stressful time?


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