Saints on the street: “boys of autumn”


After featuring the “Girls of Autumn” The Saint has found the “Boys of Autumn” with even greater
success. Their effortless individuality is undeniable, and their suave styling poses great competition to
their peers – girls take note.


1. St. Leonard’s Boys: Julius (left), Fritz (right)
These St. Leonards’ boys school their university counterparts on
preppy dressing. Fritz’s fox fur collar is a classy, warmer alternative toa traditional scarf. To top off his look,
Fritz rocks a golf umbrella, which is not only practical, but it also resembles a cane from afar. Julius is equally
classy, sporting a sharp suit for a mere run to Sainsbury’s.


2. Hyun Soo Kim
In his St Andrews jumper, Hyun represents the University well. His blue jumper provides a refreshing
contrast against the grey jeans and suede trainers.


3. Carl
Despite the quilted jacket and Hunters stereotype, Carl looks effortless in his country wear garb.
The jumper underneath the quilted jacket keeps the look relaxed, and the short Hunter boots are realistic
for walking around town. Carl’s backwards cap also keeps the look relaxed, and provides an appropriate
contrast to the done up jacket,trousers and boots.


4. Jason
Jason‘s look proves the merit of the ‘if in doubt wear black‘ philosophy. His monochromatic pieces draw
attention to the standout Versace trainers; yet he keeps the look simple enough to appreciate them.


5. Joe
The graphic scarf and tee shirt add unique interest to Joe’s ensemble, and his neutral outerwear prevents
the look from becoming too loud.

6. Mark
Proving the importance of simplicity, Mark wisely adds bright lacesand a backpack to a simple, layered
look. These additions make his ensemble unique; yet draw attention to the quality subdued pieces Mark chose.


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