Redev killed the radio STAR

Image courtesy of STAR and Toby Marsh

STAR has been forced off air this week as a result of delays in the Union’s redevelopment.

The radio station has been broadcasting from the Gateway building this semester while work is being done on the upper floors of the Union, where it is normally housed. It was due to move back into the Union after its contract for the Gateway expired last Sunday.

Delays in the construction work meant the space wasn’t ready, however, leaving STAR with nowhere to go.

Sean McDonald, the station manager, said: “We were originally given a move date of 31 October but like any construction project things became delayed. The redevelopment has caused massive cutbacks for society space and STAR has become one of many affected by it. Unfortunately, our lease in the Gateway building expired before we could move in to the new studio so STAR will be taking a hiatus until the Union can find us a space.

“[Director of student development and activities] Fay Morrice has been very helpful during this process and it is obvious this has happened because of powers outside of her control. I have seen the new studio and I can assure you that the hassle will definitely be worth it.

“We look forward to things returning back to normal and broadcasting regularly soon.”

STAR has seen a rise in popularity this year, with the introduction of fortnightly shows because of high demand for air time


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