Sound the alarm: number of hall fire alarms revealed

Photo: Elliot Davies
The number of fire alarms which occur in University halls of residence is gradually decreasing, residents will be glad to hear.
A Freedom of Information request submitted by The Saint reveals that the total number of fire alarms in halls (excluding scheduled drills) has reduced from 87 in the academic year 2011/12 to 65 in 2013/14.
There has also been a decrease in the number of alarms deemed to have been set off on purpose. For both the academic years 2011/12 and 2012/13, four alarms were deliberately and falsely set off. Last year however saw an improvement, with no alarms set off on purpose.
According to these figures, only five fire alarms out of a total of 229 were the result of a real fire. However, the fire brigade attended the scene of 159 of them.
These statistics show encouraging progress though there is clearly still some way to go.


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