Saints on the Street: The Girls of Autumn


Contrary to the popular, Barbour clad belief; St. Andrews is a place in which students use clever styling, rather than brand names, to make themselves stand out each season. For fall, these students maintain a St. Andrews appropriate polish without sacrificing their own personal taste. This month, The Saint has picked four female students who exemplify this philosophy (don’t worry – boys will be featured next month).

unnamed-11. Amanda, 1st year Film Studies

Amanda’s look stood out thanks to her knee socks, vintage denim jacket and Doc Martens shoes. Giving off a “collegiate hipster” vibe, she keeps the look innocent and preppy with knee socks, a Cambridge Satchel and practical frames. To prevent the look from becoming too schoolgirl, her oversized denim jacket, short skirt and Docs add a rebellious edge.

Get The Look: A vintage denim jacket is a great starting point in replicating this look. From there, style either a short black dress or skirt and loose top underneath. For accessories, thick-soled shoes and knee-high socks would achieve a similar vibe. As important as these accessories are for achieving the edgy aspect of her look, Amanda’s Cambridge Satchel is an equally important component in keeping the look classic. Although the classic brown leather is an ode to school teachers everywhere, adding a few studs to it wouldn’t hurt either.


2. Megan, 2nd year English Literatureunnamed-2

Megan’s edgy ensemble is a unique example of how to deal with St. Andrews’ current weather. Her duster cardigan and simple jewellery keep the look trendy, but her white vest and high waisted jeans keep the look casual enough for lectures. To prevent the duster coat from drowning her small frame, the heeled boots give Megan a boost.

Get The Look: Thankfully, duster cardigans are an easy yet practical find on the high street. Choosing a versatile colour such as hunter green, gray, burgundy, navy or black is recommended – but simple bohemian patterns would also work. For the cardigan to be considered a duster, keep its length to either half way up the calf or slightly lower. Denim wise, medium or light wash jeans keep this look simple yet retro. To finish the look, edgy cut out boots with a chunky heel or flatforms are advised. For the colder months, hiking socks cuffed at the top would also coordinate.


3. Samantha Bennett, 2nd year Film & Social Anthropologyunnamed-3

Samantha’s look stood out thanks to her ombre coat, which is a versatile item that can easily be dressed up or down. Her button down and leather boots seamlessly coincide with her coat. For a finishing touch, Samantha added a delicate necklace underneath her collar.

Get The Look: To get a look like Samantha’s, colour uniformity is key. At the bottom of the ombre, keep the boots and skirt in the same colour as the bottom of the ombre. On the upper part of the look, wear lighter colours that suit the colour palette of the top of the coat.




4. Ellie Mason, 4th year, International Relations & Geographyunnamed

Ellie’s classic hipster look is a versatile way to ease into fall fashion. Her cocoon camel coat is a wardrobe staple, and the clean lines make Ellie’s baggy fit pieces stand out – in a good way.

Get The Look: A crew neck tee and jeans is a great base for this look. For those who are bold, feel free to rock cuffed vintage jeans. Through adding a light chain necklace and oxfords, her outfit looks effortless whether the coat is on or off.


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