Men’s golf club committee disbanded as AU bids to “transform club culture”


The University men’s golf club committee has been forced to disband and members stripped of their right to compete for St Andrews, The Saint can reveal.

The decision was taken after a Wednesday social ended in “chanting and shouting” in McIntosh hall, causing “great disturbance and panic” to residents, according to men’s club President Angus Roberts.

The news come a week after The Saint reported that members of the committee had been called to a hearing by the Athletic Union (AU) and warned that their right to compete could be revoked.

In a message posted on the club’s Facebook page and seen by The Saint, Mr Roberts confirmed that:

  • There will be a re-election of the committee at an EGM on 10 November. Anyone may run for any of the club positions as with a regular AGM.
  • Members involved in the incident may also run once they have had a personal meeting with the AU exec committee.
  • All members involved in the incident are suspended from BUCS fixtures until after the EGM. They must also attend a meeting to have their ban lifted.
  • New captains of the 2nd and 3rd team will be appointed in the interim by David Watt.

Mr Roberts added: “As many of you already know several club members were involved in an incident after a social on 15 October. A group of members after being allowed into McIntosh Hall were loud and disruptive by chanting and shouting just before 11 pm.

“This caused a great disturbance and panic for those living there. The Warden apprehended some of the individuals and the others stepped forward shortly after. The matter was then passed onto the AU and student services (from whom we will receive individual punishments).

“What followed was our sincerest apologies to the AU for our behaviour on the clubs (sic) behalf and a letter to the Warden and the residents of McIntosh.

“This was a small but significant minority of the club which included committee members, including myself, for this we deeply regret our actions,” he said.

Sarah Thompson, president of the AU, told The Saint that the issue had been closed and that an EGM is scheduled to appoint a new committee. She added: “We look forward to moving on from this incident and working with the golf club”.

According to the club’s website, social events are “one of the biggest elements of the men’s golf club”. It invites students to “come along each Wednesday at 7:30 pm to the Union for a mix of celebrating, drowning sorrows, drinking games and our regular pub golf events.”

Mr Roberts claimed that the AU’s decision to crack down on the golf club’s behaviour is part of a wider effort “to transform club culture”.

Ms Thompson failed to confirm if this was the case. Instead she said: “We look forward to…supporting all clubs with their growth and development”.


  1. This is part of a wider assault on Sports Clubs led by a member of university disciplinary staff. Frankly shocking that the AU and DSE are having to waste their time dealing with such trivial matters. The gentlemen in question are normally model athletes and surely as adults one would expect that a sincere apology would have sufficed. We’re not at bloody school.

  2. I like how the Golf team gets hit with all this but the Rugby team which has a huge initiation (although banned) and is disruptive to the entire community never gets in trouble because of the amount of funding it receives. Not saying what the golf club did was okay, but the rugby club has done worse, double standards at it’s finest.

    • You’re so right, the Uni has always been out to crush golf at St Andrews like the fundraising, misogynistic beetle it is. Rugby, on the other hand, has only been actively encouraged to scare old ladies and piss their copious funding up the wall while doing the Uni proud at every juncture. When will golf get a chance in St Andrews and someone highlight how much everyone hates student rugby players? Double standards indeed.

    • Rugby has no initiation and is the most successful club, justifying its funding. People find it easy to blame rumours and hearsay on the rugby club when in fact is usually others, the golf club in this case, who are the troublemakers. Those who do wrong are punished, that’s the way it works and there is no special treatment. Get back in your box.

        • Father, you know full well that the dance these chaps perform in your name is not an initiation at all, in fact not a drop of alcohol is included in this prestigious dance.
          I agree that the golf club being disbanded is totally unfair, but you can’t shift blame onto another club that is totally undeserving of it?
          People love to point the finger at ‘Rugby’ because its the stereotype. In fact, the rugby club in St Andrews is arguably one of the tamest i’ve heard of.
          Plus they beat everyone.
          Go and play your hobby.

  3. About time the university golf club had a shake up. What should be one of the biggest and best clubs in St Andrews (It’s the Home of Golf for Christ sake) is too often a non-inclusive old boys club which has no interest in promoting the game to wider audiences and players of different skill levels.

  4. It wasn’t a trivial matter; I don’t know what got officially written up and released to the Saint, but they were running around, throwing bins at people, and actually bursting into some people’s rooms. This is in the middle of the night, several drunk, very load, chanting- bit of a big deal.

  5. Jonathan it seems either you or Andrew, whilst pilfering the majority of this article from the Golf Club Facebook Page, missed the part that appealed to those in the student media to refrain from reporting on it as erroneous reports had already been made.

    Now then, your by-line on Facebook states that the ‘official university golf club has been disbanded and its members barred from representing the university’. There’s embellishment and there is libel and this sits nicely between the two seeing as the club remains functional with the the current committee still performing their duties. Moreover, select members associated with the incident are barred from representing the university; to imply that the club has been dissolved and its members hung out to dry due to the actions of a minority constitutes knowledgeably disseminating counter-factual information and merely complicates the matter-at-hand.

    Frankly, I’m not entirely sure why you keep publishing these inflammatory articles as those involved with this matter seek nothing but closure and have respected the decisions of the AU and University at every turn. I suppose it’s anything goes to sell papers… or not in your case. With that in mind, if you are to continue reporting, and especially if this is something you see yourself doing in the future (I wouldn’t bank on it), best practice standards would go a long way insofar as helping filter out the bile that you insist on filling this rag with.

  6. Hey guys,

    Don’t forget about us, we’re loose. I promise. We do initations and stuff. I saw some one throw up at ours, it was horrible.

    Sometimes we have to drink whole pints, not halves and when we see the rugby club they poor out lager tops back over our heads. That’s disgraceful.

  7. Those in McIntosh Hall need to Man Up! Especially the warden! It’s a University – shannanigans happens!


    Rugby is the dark-side and the chase eggs!


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