Festival Fever Dies Out?


As your ‘dashing’ red gown/kilt/barbour is blown up in a sudden gust of North Sea wind you’d be forgiven for forgetting the fact that you have, probably, just come back from a long hot summer involving sun, travel, mind enhancing drug use and, most of all, music. After all, it was festival season. From Glasto to R&L, from Bestival to Tomorrowland (where you can watch David Guetta put his iPod on shuffle and jump up and down a bit) the summer seems to have passed for many of those with younger spirits in a flurry of warm beer, cold tents, the delicate scent of chunder and dry shampoo.

The beauty of Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat is that there was an endless bombardment of footage of the kind of things which go on at festivals all over the world every year. From the boy duct-taped to his camping chair and forced to sell at least £10 of ket before he was let go to the romance of latrine-side canoodling no matter who you knew you were bound to end up with some aspect of festival-mania being projected onto your screen for what felt like 90% of the summer.

Festivals are an integral part of the summer music scene all over the world, with many smaller bands relying on them to propel themselves onto the wider consciousness, hoping that enough people get lost on their way to the main stages and find their way to the small tent running off an extension lead and a multi-socket plug adapter in which they have been booked to play. As they look out across the crowd of confused girls with luminous paint specked on their faces and oblivious boys with pupils the same size as their heads as they chug through a song which they wrote in their ‘mam’s kitchen’ they could be forgiven for worrying what it’s all about but the fact is that the festival buzz reaches everyone in that particular field for the time they are there and that is the beauty of the festival. People discover new favourite bands, or finally get to see that act they’ve been waiting to see since forever. So if you have any stories about your experience at festivals, want to complain about how s**t Starfields was or simply want to tell us what your favourite band of the summer was, tweet us at @TheSaint_Music and feature in the next issue.


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