A stuttering start for student engagement

Union - Henry Legg

It may be week three but the Union is struggling to shake of a nasty case of freshers flu. Not only did application for Class Representatives have to be extended for an extra 48 hours, seemingly because of a lack of interest in a multitude of Schools, but their much-anticipated PR campaign to raise awareness of what they get up to has been pushed back to halfway through the semester. A cynic would call it an embarrassment; we call it an unfortunate series of events.

The paucity of Class Reps nominees has seen many students’ inboxes inundated with pleas from School Presidents desperate to ensure that every class has at least one candidate. The extension, alongside numerous semi-humorous semi-desperate messages, seems to have resulted in enough applications to allow the voting process to take place. The Saint cannot, however, remember a time in previous years when apathy towards the elections has been so apparent. Given the vital work played by the reps, we hope it is a blip rather than the start of a trend.

The other failing, that of the now-delayed launch of ‘That’s Union’, has probably escaped most students’ radars. Ironic, in a way, given how the whole point of the programme is to increase student awareness and knowledge of what exactly the Union does. Many students can probably sympathise with missing a deadline, but having to push back the launch from week one to week six is a little short of humiliating. Whatever the reasons, this is a smirch on a Sabbatical team who have otherwise proved themselves willing and able to get things done. Indeed, some factors may be out of the control the staff and students themselves should share the blame for a failure of engagement in Union politics.

The Union’s stuttering start and failure to attract Class Rep nominees may be put down to a debilitating case of freshers flu. Let’s hope they make a quick recovery.


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