The top eight things to do in weeks one and two

Credit: Chris Walker

Secret Garden Party

Little is known about the Lumsden Club’s inaugural September event, the Secret Garden Party, except that it’s being held at the Craigsanquhar Hotel and Country Estate on 27 September. Taking over from the legendary PIMMS, tickets to this brand new event are a reasonable £25 and include free Jannetta’s ice-cream, Piper’s crisps and a free Bulmer’s cider.


On 18 September don’t miss the most important event of the week – the referendum! Whatever way you’re leaning, if you are registered voter don’t forget to cast your vote in a momentous occasion for you, your friends and your University.

FoMSF Cocktail Evening

On the 18 September, get friendly with St Andrews’ Friends of Médecins Sans Frontières Cocktail evening. With themed cocktails, a live acoustic set and the opportunity to be a humanitarian, what’s not to love? And with the notorious student budget FoMSF’s Cocktail Night’s free entry makes it the perfect event to get involved with the Charities Campaign supported international charity.

The Scandinavian Society’s IKEA trip

We all know the feeling; you get back from a hard day’s shopping for furniture to realise as soon as you get back that you forgot a rubbish bin, a rug and a bedside table. Well, fret not dear friends, the Scandinavian Society has got your backs with their IKEA Trip on 18 September. Tickets are £5 for members and £8 for non-members, and they come with a free meal voucher, which meatball enthusiasts would argue is worth it already.

Feminist Economics

Hosted by the Economics Society of St Andrews, this 19 September talk from Dr Ania Plomien from the London School of Economics will focus on gender inequality in Central and Eastern Europe. Whether you’re into economics or not, learning more about inequality in today’s world is something we could all benefit from. So, don’t miss out on a chance to become more informed.


Don’t miss out on your chance to go ‘Back to School,’ with this Rewind event at the Union on 19 September. The event is back and promises to be ‘bigger than ever,’ so be there and don’t be square.

H40’s Capture the Flag

For a fun day of Capture the Flag, hosted by St Andrews’ H40 Society, head out to West Sands on 20 September. Tickets include Jannetta’s Ice Cream, beer and other ‘Tournament Prizes’ and all proceeds go to the charity.

Saints Sports Colour Run

Still have some energy even after Week One? Well get down to the Sports Centre at 10 am on Saturday 20 September for one of the most fun 5K runs of your life! With buckets of colour splashed over contestants as their hearts get racing, this event is sure to keep you smiling through the sweat.Hosted by Saint Sport, tickets are a reasonable £5 – so what are you waiting for? Join in, get fit and have fun!

The Importance of Being Ernest: Auditions

With the Byre Theatre set to reopen this year (hurrah!) why not take this opportunity to make your St Andrews stage debut with the Mermaids, the town’s largest performing arts society. Auditions for the Oscar Wilde classic are taking place this Saturday 20 September, 6 pm to 8 pm, and Sunday 21 September, 4 pm until 7 pm.


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