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On last week’s misty Friday night Art Soc hosted the Creative Lock-in, an event at the Byre running through the night from 11 pm until 7 am. The society has been organizing the event for the past few years and it has grown to become one of the unmissable events of the semester.

Friday evening begun with a gig, organized by Music is Love, featuring the Glaswegian band Prehistoric Friends with multi-instrumentalist Liam Chapman and violinist Nicola Kerr. The duo played dreamy synth pop with a mix of classical violin to a chilled out crowd and set the tone for the evening.

Art Soc gets other creative societies involved, including Music is Love, Craft Soc and Inklight, when organizing the event and once the gig was over the attendees were left to their own devices and could choose from a myriad of organized activities including life drawing, poetry writing and decorating paper lanterns. A DJ played electronic music in the background producing an upbeat atmosphere.

The best thing about the lock-in is that although it is a great platform for creative people to get together and channel their creativity there is no pressure to do so.

Even if you just fancy meeting up with friends, sitting in a room surrounded by fairy lights, enjoying the baked goods and the electronic music at the event, you are welcome to do so. Then if the creative urge appears you can simply pick up any of the art supplies provided and start creating.

Rebecca Allen Tejerina, the life drawing coordinator of Art Soc, says that the intention of the lock-in was to create a creative space for shared interests.

She says that perhaps one of the reasons why the event is successful is that there is no art school or other place for people in St Andrews to be creative.

There are so many artistic students who want an environment to channel their creativity. It is also a nice way for people to meet and stay up all night with no alcohol involved, something out of the ordinary in St Andrews.

Friday’s event was incredibly successful with more attendees then ever before. People’s only complaint was that the lock-in seems to have outgrown the Barron, the large number of people attending meant that it became almost too hot and crowded to be creative.

The venue is however ideal in many ways as the Barron makes for a very intimate atmosphere with a great vibe, and the organizers made use of all its different spaces even the outside area.

If you missed the Creative Lock-in this time, fear not, Art Soc is organizing another one next semester that should surely not be missed.


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