St Andrews ‘cheapest uni’

Photo: George Parker

Of the nation’s 20 best universities, St Andrews has been named the cheapest place to study according to a survey by Money SuperMarket that measured rental, alcohol, insurance and accommodation costs.

A remarkably low crime rate coupled with the cheapest home contents insurance, at £85 per annum, contributed to St Andrews taking the number one spot. Predictably, London universities ranked worst in most categories and were affected by the capital’s overinflated accommodation costs.

But the survey does not indicate whether these figures represent what the majority of students are paying in these places. The fact that St Andrews has exorbitant rental costs because of an HMO cap and rising student numbers, plus the prices at what is rumoured to be the second most expensive Tesco in the UK, suggests this survey should be treated sceptically.

Ultimately, it is tuition fees that are indebting students the most. The price of a pint will therefore not make a significant difference to the many thousands of pounds of debt most will accumulate during their time at university. A few beers and good WiFi are a price many will be willing to pay to ensure they look back on the most expensive years of their lives fondly.


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