Rugby club left on a ‘Yes’ campaign bus

The offending bus. Photo: St Andrews rugby club

It is often said that sport and politics are mutually exclusive.

Sport is fiercely competitive and is played by athletes who spend hours honing their skills on training pitches and keeping their bodies in shape with rigorous gym routines. Politics, on the other hand, is a complete contradiction to the meritocracy that is sport.

In an uncanny and completely accidental turn of events, however, the St Andrews Rugby first XV found themselves travelling to an early pre-season friendly on a bus plastered with ‘Yes’ campaign logos.

Last week, on 30 August, the team gathered at the sports centre to catch a bus to Glasgow and were left utterly speechless when they saw the mobile ad campaign that awaited them.

Fortunately, the team saw the funny side and took to Glasgow in good spirits. Although they ended up losing the game, the gains of blooding several new freshers meant the match was worthwhile.

A representative of the club stressed that the bus’ design was pure coincidence, and was at pains to ensure nobody believed the club was trying to muster support for any political agenda at this delicate stage in Scotland’s history.


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