Binge-Worthy Cult Series


Just narrowly escaping the black hole that is second year, it has come to my attention that I made it out with a newfound reputation as a Netflix binge-watcher.

I rationalized this due to the profoundly awkward problem of not having enough work to yet feel the need to take up permanent residence in the library, but still having enough to make myself yearn for any reason to procrastinate.

Although I will admit I have devoured my share of bad tv, some shows are genuinely worth binging on. So here’s a list of the most rightfully-addicting series, that all have dedicated cult followings, but which the average person may not have heard of.

1. United States of Tara

Written and created by Diablo Cody, a woman made famous by her quick wit and quirk. This show could make even the worst of families look functional. The mother, Tara, desperately strives for a normal life, but that is made difficult by the fact that she suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder, and shares her body with a handful of “alters” who have their own prerogatives and lives to lead. My personal favourite is T, a trashy 15 year-old stuck in Tara’s middle aged body, but maybe you’d be more inclined towards Buck, a proud redneck who takes off around town cruising for chicks. Watching how the family dynamic is forced to change with the presence of each alter creates a situation of perfect comedy, which the actors know precisely how to deliver.

2. Friday Night Dinner

If awkward British comedy is your thing, then prepare to both laugh and cringe throughout this entire show. Each episode is set around the two brothers in their early twenties coming back home for their weekly dinner with the parents. Their socially inept neighbour also finds an excuse to invite himself over multiple times per episode, and each time with a dilemma more ridiculous than the last. Though you will want to binge-watch this show, at least attempt to savour it since there are only six episodes per season.

3. Princess Jellyfish

Though I wouldn’t consider myself an anime fan by any means, I’m embarrassed to admit that Princess Jellyfish appeals to every aspect of my viewing needs. It’s funny, it’s sweet, it’s weird. There’s a boy who cross-dresses as a girl, but in actuality he’s straight? And has a cute almost-romance with a girl afraid of boys? Explaining this one would make very little sense, so you’re just going to have to take my word for it. But no, there is no princess. There is, however, a jellyfish.

4. Community

Community is perhaps the most infamous of recent cult series, and after you watch it you will understand why. The characters are all flawed in such an undeniably real way, while simultaneously in situations as outrageously unrealistic as possible. The whole show plays upon this shift between real-life and fantasy, meaning you never know what an episode might hold. For instance, I keep telling myself its unwarranted cancellation is just another mind game.


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