A row for charity


Thursday 12 to Friday 13 September saw the St Andrews Boat Club go the extra mile, or to be precise, the extra 330, 508 kilometres, in the name of charity.

Starting at noon on the Thursday of Freshers’ Week the Boat Club ‘erged’, the technical term for rowing on a mechanical machine, for 24 hours non-stop. All in the name of Maggie’s Cancer Trust members of the club powered on throughout the night to raise £1149.03 for the charity.

Despite being a long and hard trudge, the club members thoroughly enjoyed the experience and really embraced the opportunity to put something back into society.

Freddy Pilkington, who was one of the first on the machine said that its “fantastic to support Maggie’s, anything we can do to help such a great cause.” Tony Poole went on to describe it as a “deliriously yet immensely gratifying experience” whilst Thomas Thomson ever so dryly referred to it as “monotonous, uncomfortable, but all for a very worthy cause-all day baby.”

Despite the pain most of the ‘ergers’ managed to keep their sense of humour and also their knowledge of musical lyrics. James Otcenasek referred to his 30 minutes on the machine as “a lovely paddle” whilst Emerald Herrick-Doyle was sincere in believing “there’s no place (she’d) rather be”.

Spending 24 hours outside of the Blue Stane constantly erging is, to most of us, not the best way to spend Freshers’ Week. Yet, caps must be doffed to the Boat Club who achieved a remarkable physical feat whilst watching students loving life as they staggered drunkenly home from a night out.

The money they raised for Maggie’s made all the pain, the cold and tired hamstrings worth it and there is no doubt about it, they will be back for more next year.


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