Freshers’ Week 2014: STARFIELDS

  • When? Saturday 13 September
  • Where? Lower College Lawn
  • Price? £35

Likely the most anticipated event of Freshers’ Week, St Andrews Charity Fashion Show (aka FS) has announced plans to host its launch party, STARFIELDS, during the first week of term for a second year running.

For those unfamiliar with FS, it’s a student-run charity which raises large amounts of money for great causes, all through hosting events in and around St Andrews. The society’s charity of choice this year is It’s Good 2 Give, which focuses on improving the lives of young people suffering from cancer and their families.

Lynn McNicol, the head of It’s Good 2 Give, told The Saint: “We are really looking forward to the event. We like the fact that the young people who organise this event and will be raising funds for us will be able to see where their money goes – and have a legacy that will last well into the future.”

Although some freshers might be put off by tickets being a little pricier (£35) than other events on offer this Freshers’ Week,  St Andrews veterans know that nine times out of 10 in this town (except for, perhaps, VIP at the Lizard), you get what you pay for.

Costs can add up quickly at the start of the semester, but FS had thought that through by offering up 200 early bird tickets via a new app called Fixr on the Sunday afternoon before sales went live. These limited tickets came in at just £25, providing a happy alternative for the more cash-strapped among us who didn’t want to miss out.

Unsurprisingly the discounted tickets proved popular, with a surge in users causing the Fixr app to crash and leave lots of students annoyed and ticket-less. Frustrating though it may be, the malfunction proved, if nothing else, that STARFIELDS is an event people are desperate to get tickets for.

One STARFIELDS organiser reiterated this, adding: “The huge demand will be reflected in the brilliant lineup of star names to be announced soon.”

For music lovers, the acts should outweigh any money worries. The evening will play host to six exciting acts over the course of the evening, though just who we’ll be listening to remains unknown for now. As such the lineup is much anticipated, particularly following last year’s sell-out event, which boasted performances from the likes of The View and King Charles.

And for the non-music lovers, what’s the draw?

If last year’s event is anything to go by, the atmosphere and buzz of this event really is unlike any other.

What’s more, with the new location being announced as Lower College Lawn, those that recall the buses fiasco of 2013 can relax knowing that at the end of the night, home is a short walk (or taxi ride, if you’re in DRA) away.

STARFIELDS will without doubt be one of, if not the, biggest night of Freshers’ 2014. For first years, it’s a great introduction into what the nightlife in St Andrews is really like; and for everyone else, it’s pretty much the only Freshers’ event where you can guarantee you won’t be the oldest one there.

Speaking to The Saint, the head of STARFIELDS at FS, Mark Jones, added: “We are really excited about this year’s event because of its new location and new feel. Last year was incredible and this year promises even more.”

Tickets are now available to buy on the Union website. See the STARFIELDS website for more information.

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  1. I’m personally looking forward to the bus queues, my night last year was truly one of the most memorable of the year as I ended up waiting only 3 hours to get home.


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