Rector’s scholars announced


Over 30 students have been named as the 2014 rector’s scholars.

These students will receive support from the Rector’s Fund for various internships and placements around the world, including in the Finnish prime minister’s office and the WHO Pan-American Health Organisation. Funding was awarded across a wide range of subjects, from the physical sciences to performing arts and journalism.

In a recent email to all students the rector, Alistair Moffat, described this academic year as “outstanding […] for the fund”. 

This is the second year since the fund’s creation. It was founded by Chloe Hill, then rector’s assessor and now president of the Students’ Association, and Mr Moffat, who has been rector since 2011 and steps down in October. The fund is a rapidly growing scheme, with the number of applications this year three times higher than in 2013. 

A University spokesperson said that the “innovative” Rector’s Fund is designed to “help make internships affordable for University of St Andrews students who might be otherwise be unable to take up these valuable offers of work experience”. Offering standard grants of £500, funding is available to students participating in both unpaid and paid internships.

At the fund’s founding, Mr Moffat said that he hoped it would become a “genuinely useful resource for students”.

The 2014 rector’s scholars

Kelly Satchel
Lewis Fairfax
Lisa Al-Makdase
Maria Facio Lince
Miles Adams
Oliver Clayton
Peter Hopkins
Rhea Stewart
Salim Jassemi
Samuel Moore
Simone Matthews
Susannah Raymond
Taryn O’Connor
Thomas Morrell
Thomas Rowe
Thomas Skirbutas
Alice Meason
Anna Balint
Anna Leijonhufvid
Anna Ryrberg
Carolone Christie
Chang Liu
Charlotte Branfield
Chloe Sawyer
Daniel Mayoh
Edward Fry
Fraser Anderson
Jakob Otcenasek
James Champkin
Jasmnie Godfrey
Joanna Partridge
Jocelyn Cox


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