What it was like to Join The HYPE


I can’t say I was expecting much as I approached The Lizard at around 11.30 pm on Thursday night to review Join The Hype. Admittedly, I don’t think anyone ever has high hopes as they approach The Lizard, but not recognising a single face in the long queue which trickled along the wall of Ogston’s did not fill me with excitement.

The event, run by fresher-turned-DJ, Ashton Squires, is new to the St Andrews scene and promised two complimentary drinks, a ‘champagne raffle’ and a Krispy Kreme doughnut for the princely sum of £10 a ticket.

Disappointingly, news came out just hours before the event’s 10 pm start that there had been some logistical issues regarding the ‘champagne raffle’ and as such, ticket prices were reduced accordingly to £5 – a price which was still very reasonable given the free drinks and other goodies included in your wristband.

As I left behind the fresh air of North Street and descended the stairs down to The Lizard’s murky depths, I was surprised at just how busy the bar actually was. Although, there’s no denying that it was definitely what one might call a ‘freshers’ fiesta’, and I’ll admit that as a fourth year girl, I felt a little out of place.

However, on the bright side, the youthful crowd, still untouched by the horror of honours deadlines and dissertations, meant the night had an energetic and carefree atmosphere. Fortunately, as the evening wore on, the crowd diversified, which gave the night a more well-rounded feel, as well as helping me overcome my sudden ‘Peter Pan’-esque midlife crisis.

The music, from DJs Ashton Squires and Joe Jones, was undoubtedly a highlight of the evening. As is customary of The Lizard and it’s modest dance-floor space, people were not so much ‘dancing’ as they were ‘rubbing-up-against-one-another’ but that’s all part of the venue’s charm, right? Regardless of the questionable dance moves, a good mix of mainstream pop, old classics and R&B tracks kept the dance-floor swarming with sweaty bodies right up until the night’s close at 2 am.

And as promised, Krispy Kreme doughnuts were thrust into the hands of departing guests, ensuring a sweet (and delicious) end to the evening.

So what was it like to ‘Join The HYPE’? All in all, I’d say the event accomplished what it set out to do. There aren’t many ways to jazz up a night in The Lizard, but good music and plenty of freebies did make for a fun and carefree evening.

Given the success of the event’s debut, I’ve no doubt that it will soon become a regular feature in St Andrews’ nightlife scene. Perhaps by next semester, everyone will be ‘Join-ing the HYPE’. 


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