Renovations to Quad will begin in summer

Photo: Sammi McKee

Major renovations to St Salvator’s Quadrangle are scheduled to begin in the summer of 2014.

Areas of planned renovation include improvements to the tarmac pathway around the perimeter of the Quadrangle, the iconic central lawn, and surrounding iron and wood- work. Improved lighting will also be installed.

According to the University’s website, the projects plans “to ensure that the space is safer and more accessible than ever before.” It proposes to achieve this by installing a series of ramps to the Cloister, Chapel, the entrance on Butts Wynd and to the Upper and Lower College Halls.

Extensive architectural plans have been drawn up by Ian White Associations, a Stirling-based landscape architectural company.

Among other things, they pledge to provide “a design that is timeless and low-key”. Crucially, these proposals intend to maintain the traditional, historical character of the area.

Ian White Associates say that the upcoming renovations will “provide flexibility for events”.

St Salvator’s Quadrangle is the centre of many such academic occasions. The site includes Schools 1-6, where many lectures and tutorials are held, and the Upper and Lower College Halls, which are frequently used as examination venues.

The Quad also hosts popular extra-curricular events throughout the year. These range from weekly non-denominational services in the Chapel to various balls and fashion shows, and the infamous Raisin Weekend foam fight. The renovations aim to make these activities more accessible for all students and staff.

The University does not anticipate that the redevelopment will cause any serious disruption to daily activities.

A spokesperson for the University said: “Work is scheduled to begin in the summer, after graduation, and is expected to take seven to eight months to complete.”

Current redevelopment proposals, therefore, are planned to be completed by the end of the first semester of the coming 2014-2015 academic year. Though the renovation work will continue into the next academic year, the University hopes that disturbance to normal academic life “will be kept to a minimum”.

The University considers the renovations necessary, saying: “As future generations of students flood into this area for their traditional graduation photographs with families and friends, the Quad will be accessible to all.”

It aims to ensure that the Quadrangle remains “a backdrop worthy of its place at the heart of many memories of St Andrews.”

According to the University website, these renovations will cost £700,000 but will be funded by St Andrews Parents and Alumni Resource Community (SPARC). SPARC is an “online community for alumni, family and friends of the University”. SPARC’s projects form an element of the University’s 600th anniversary celebrations. They are currently raising funds for a number of projects across the University.


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