On the Rocks preview: The Dark Side of Chocolate


With On the Rocks just around the corner, we’ve been hearing from the festival’s organisers to get the lowdown on some of the many arts-related highlights that we can look forward to over the next couple of weeks. This year sees the Vic hosting a screening of The Dark Side of Chocolate, a thought-provoking exposé on the human cost of the chocolate industry. We found out a little more about the film, which is being shown by the Fine Chocolate Society.

1. Tell us a little bit about The Dark Side of Chocolate.

The Dark Side of Chocolate is a documentary filmed in Mali and the Ivory Coast in order to observe the exploitation and slave trading of African children to harvest chocolate. Most of the footage is shot with a secret camera.

2. What three words would best describe the production?

Three words that describe our event would be ‘Exploitation and Chocolate’.

3. What do you hope an audience takes away from the event?

I hope the audience understands the importance of buying fair trade and what really goes into producing chocolate, especially for those involved in the early processes. It is important to recognize how crucial it is to end child trafficking and labour in the cocoa industry, and in all industries.

4. What inspired you to produce your event with On The Rocks?

We thought that On The Rocks would be the perfect way to present this documentary, because of the varied and interesting events that are being put on over the festival. We hope that this event can complement others and present our issue in an informative but also entertaining way.

The Dark Side of chocolate is screening in The Vic at 6pm on Thursday 10 April. Admission is free.


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