On the Rocks preview: ReScore 2


With On the Rocks just around the corner, we’ve been hearing from the festival’s organisers to get the lowdown on some of the many arts-related highlights that we can look forward to over the next couple of weeks. Here, David Cihelna tells us what we can expect from ReScore, an innovative combination of live music and classic cinema.

1. So I guess the obvious question is why The Birds?

The Birds is a classic, and it has no score. There’s a lot of creative freedom to reinterpret the film’s sonic qualities in a new, modern light. When we watch an old movie we automatically expect a certain type of score. Juxtaposing something else on top of that messes with people’s minds, and presents a whole new experience to the audience.

2. Is it the same group of musicians as last year?

It’s almost the same group of musicians as last year. A few less, and a few more. More importantly, we have some new instruments and devices that we are using: a vintage drum pad, E-bows, Maschine, an acoustic piano, home-made percussion, potentially some brass (if we manage).

3. Will the free popcorn attempt to soothe our nerves in the company of Hitchcock?

As long as you don’t choke on the popcorn everything will be alright. It also depends on how scared of birds you are, in that case you should save your popcorn for the walk home, after all, St Andrews is a similar seaside town with large seagulls…

ReScore will take place in the Barron Theatre at 8pm on Saturday 5 April. Tickets are £5.


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