On the Rocks preview: Impulse/[un]conscious


With On the Rocks just around the corner, we’ve been hearing from the festival’s organisers to get the lowdown on some of the many arts-related highlights that we can look forward to over the next couple of weeks. Here, Charlotte Baker tells us what we can expect from Impulse/[un]conscious, a pair of dance shows that promise to dazzle enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

1. You are presenting us with a unique dance piece choreographed exclusively for On the Rocks; what was the inspiration?

There are actually seven specifically choreographed pieces! We sent a call out for choreographers and these people came forward either with ideas in place or just pieces of music they wanted to dance to. We wanted to give people the chance to create work without a dictated idea or framework so that they could be inspired by whatever they felt like. Some of the choreographers have worked with poetry, others with specifically composed music and others just from movement that inspired them.

2. Do audience members need to be dance aficionados to access the pieces?

Of course not! We have presented the seven pieces across two shows, Impulse and [un]conscious, to allow people either to dip into the world of dance with one 45 minute show or spend the whole evening with us. In the same way as people can enjoy drama without being a seasoned actor or music without being a professional musician, we welcome anyone to come and experience a dance show whether you know a lot about the discipline or nothing at all! There are also a variety of styles from classical ballet to hip-hop so even if one piece doesn’t excite you I am sure something in the programme will.

3. Are the two performances stand alone pieces or do they complement each other in succession?

The two shows are designed to stand alone however many themes can be glimpsed across both.

Impulse/[un]conscious will take place in the Barron Theatre at 6pm on Monday 7 April. Tickets are £4.


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