On the Rocks: Crystal Mirth review


Blind Mirth Presents: Crystal Mirth
Prod. Emily Rogers, Maggie Pelta-Pauls

Blind Mirth certainly lived up to their tagline at their annual On the Rocks sketch show. Crystal Mirth was a hilarious hour of sketch comedy put on by a group already well known for their weekly (free!) improv sessions in the Barron Theatre. A collection of fourteen hilarious sketches written by the Mirthers themselves, I was thrilled to see that improv comedy isn’t the only thing this group of funny people do well. Even in moments of potential disaster (slow tech cues, dropped lines) the cast kept going strong, proving that Mirth is at home on any stage, whether it it’s the Barron or the cavernous Venue 1.

Personal highlights for me included a sketch set in ancient Rome, on the question of Pictish independence from the Roman Empire (Pictish Referendum), two old ladies discussing a very strange play entitled ‘Jury Duty’ (Play Review), a live-action version of the Sims (aptly titled ‘The Sims’), two fratty Americans and their justifiably confused British flatmate (Brogurt), and the final sketch, a song and dance number titled ‘Britain, OK!’. The energetic, hilarious show featured recurring jokes, which kept the audience laughing the whole way through, including a sketch entitled ‘Loco’, which featured Matthew Knapp dancing across the stage and taking off shoes, for no discernable reason.

Of particular note were Ed Fry’s reappearances as a British military officer apparently drawn to anyone saying the word ‘draft’, and commandeering the speaker into the British army (no matter their nationality, with American members of Mirth justifiably confused at this turn of events). All of this meant that Fry’s every appearance on stage in a British army dress uniform, complete with sword and moustache, had the audience in hysterics. There were points in the show itself where I was laughing so hard I was crying, always a plus in a comedy gig. The only sour notes in the performance came from slow tech changes, though considering Venue 1 went from a performance of Mary Queen of Scots to the Mirth show in about half an hour it was incredibly impressive, even if there was a bit of a wait time getting into the venue. For this, the Ents Crew deserves a round of applause as well. Overall, Mirth was on fine form Sunday night, definitely deserving the tagline – ‘very funny’.


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