Union redevelopment: Rector’s Café to open next week

Photo: Henry Legg

The Rector’s Café, the coffee shop in the new redeveloped Union building, will open next week.

The Café at the front of the building will be the first service to open in the new £12 million building and will offer food and drinks for students from 8 am until 10 pm on weekdays. The new YourUnion shop will open beside the Café in the coming months, completing phase one.

Director of events and services Daniel Palmer said: “Rector’s Café opens on Monday 10 March, at 9 am. We’re really excited to see our first new space of the Redevelopment open, and have something new to offer students. We really think that the Café sets the tone of what new Union is all about, which is offering a quality social space for students.

“At Rectors’ Café, our trained baristas will serve quality coffees, such as Lattes and Americanos, and a range of leaf teas as we hope Rector’s will be space which tea-drinkers can enjoy as much as their coffee-loving friends. Alongside this, we will have hot chocolate and food such as paninis, bagels and cakes.

“The Union has a thorough environment and ethics policy, with our products ethically or locally sourced wherever possible; and our takeaway cups are fully biodegradable.

“Rectors’ Café will be open from 8am until 10pm on weekdays during termtime, meaning that you can grab a takeaway coffee on the way to your 9am class, or enjoy catching-up with friends in the evening. ‘Your Shop’ next door to the café is due to open not long after the Spring Break, and will see BESS relocated back to the front of the building in the new extension. We look forward to welcoming you to our new space and hearing your feedback as we launch the first of many new spaces in our Redevelopment, which is scheduled to be completed November 2015.”

Phase two of the redevelopment, which saw the closing of the main Union bar last semester, is on track to be completed during the summer months. Work will begin on the top and  middle and top floors of the building and Venue 1 next year, with the project due to be completed by November 2015.


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