Post-elections interview: Fay Morrice, DoSDA-elect

Photo: Maria Faciolince

How did you find running uncontested?

I actually found it really stressful, RON became this huge monster, and I was quite worried: but I was just pushing myself, trying to be out there a bit. Everyone else was running crazy races, so much energy, so it was just nice to see everyone doing so well.

And what about results night? Was it stressful, that RON might beat you?

Yeah. Obviously everyone kept saying ‘It’s never happened before, it’s never happened before’, but when it’s new, the chance of it happening seemed so huge. And just to know was a huge relief; everyone was saying ‘Oh, congratulations, congratulations’ so early, and I was just like, ‘Stop – stop! It’s not confirmed, let’s not tempt fate!’

But I was also just nervous for everyone else, because I knew how much everyone had put in, and it was really busy there last night. It was such a good turnout and, I might be biased because I’ve been involved in it, but I think that this was one of the most hotly contested races for a lot of the positions – mine probably not as much!

So how do you feel about the other new sabbatical officers? Are you looking forward to working with them?

Absolutely, I’m so excited. We got put together for STAR radio last night, and it was so nice, just like ‘First time we’re in a room together! Let’s get used to this!’ Everyone who ran had such strong policies, and I knew that whatever the outcome, we were going to be fine and great, and I’m just so excited that we can now start chatting about things that we can do over the coming year. Rather than having our own separate policies, we can now combine ideas and make it happen.

How do you feel about sharing an office with Leon next year? You’re both really into comedy, do you think that that’s going to be a good thing?

I think the important thing is to realise that we’re not on the stage: this is behind the scenes stuff! This is the operation of the Union, it’s so important. Obviously I think it’ll be a good working atmosphere, but we need to get stuff done, so that’s the priority there. But, no, it will be fun: I’m looking forward to it.

So do you have any plans for what you’re going to do between now and when you start the job?

I guess it’ll be quite an intense hand-over, I’ve already had emails: I think I’ll just be working really closely with Kelsey, and I don’t think I get to decide those things! It is a hand-over period, I will be learning and we’ll be… like, I’ve already had emails, we’ll be organising the rest of the new positions. We’ll be getting in touch together, working together with the SSC and the SRC. Just, I guess, getting a solid team together, so that we’re all nice and cohesive and a unit for when the new year starts in September.

What do you plan to do over the summer?

Over the summer, I think I’ll be talking a lot with the University about rooms. I think that’ll be the crucial time to get it sorted, it’ll have to be in place before the term starts. There’ll be a lot of chat with Timetabling, and also hopefully talk with the town, if we want to use their rooms.

Also, something that I never talked about in campaign week (I don’t know, it just seemed to slip my mind) is that halls have loads of common space, which could be used a lot better. Like, I was in University Hall, and they have masses of great space which could be used for a lot of stuff. So that needs to be tapped into as well. So yeah, it’ll basically be a lot of room organisation.

Is there one thing that you’re looking forward to most about the job?

Oh… you know, I don’t even know if this counts as being about the job, but I’m looking forward to staying in St Andrews without academic deadlines. There’s obviously going to be other kinds of deadlines which are going to be there, but I am not the strongest academic person, it’s just not where my talent lies. But it will be really nice to be in this town, which is beautiful and lovely and has so much exciting stuff going on. I guess seeing what people can do as well, sub-committees and societies.

Is there anything you’re not looking forward to?

I think there might be a few sleepless nights ahead, but that’s fine, you know; I’ll get used to it! I’ll power through with my lack of sleep!

Anything else to add?

Thank you to everyone for voting: not just for me, just in general. It’s quite exciting to have the best student turnout in the UK, that makes me really proud of this university. It’s easy to be complacent and not care, but it really does shape the Union. So yeah, I guess, just thank you. And thank you to you guys for your coverage.


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