Patterson in pole position for presidency


David Patterson is on course to become Association president when the results are announced this evening, according to The Saint’s final exit poll. The poll ran up until 6 pm, the closing time for voting, and attracted 226 respondents. Of those, 50 per cent said they had voted for Mr Patterson. Running a close second place is Pat Mathewson, with 42 per cent of the projected vote. Noah Ohringer is a distant third on six per cent, with RON at three per cent. If such results were to be replicated this evening second preference votes may not come into play, with Mr Patterson on the verge of securing a majority according to our poll.

Such an outcome would mark a reversal in fortunes for the two leading contenders for Association president. Before campaigning started, our poll indicated that Mr Mathewson had a clear lead over his flatmate Mr Patterson. Our second poll, published on Wednesday  suggested a much closer race, but with Mr Mathewson still having the edge.

Amongst the other positions, Ondrej Hajda looks set to claim a convincing victory over Ali West in the contest to become director of representation. Our latest statistics suggest Mr Hajda has a lead of 20 per cent over Ms West (58 per cent vs 38 per cent), with RON attracting four per cent. This race appeared to be hanging in the balance at the outset of campaigning, but Mr Hajda has since pulled away.

It appears to be a head-to-head battle for director of events and services between Leon O’ Rourke and Lewis Harding, with the former marginally ahead in our poll. Mr O’Rourke attracted 40 per cent of the vote, with Mr Harding on 34 per cent. Campbell Anderson, on 12 per cent, and Adetola Akanbi-Onasanya, on 10 per cent, appear to be out of the running. Four per cent voted to RON. Second preference votes are almost certain to be the deciding factor here.

Fay Morrice is running uncontested for director of student development and activities, and looks set to gain the role with 88 per cent of the vote, according to our poll. 12 per cent voted for RON.

There also appears to be a clear winner in the battle for Athletic Union president, with Sarah Thompson leading our poll by a substantial margin, with 48 per cent of the vote, just shy of an outright victory. Jeremy Hipps follows on 23 per cent, then Cathy Pendreigh on 15 per cent, with Andrew van Kralingen and RON both on seven per cent.

Results will be announced from 9 pm tonight.



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