Letter to the editor: six reasons to vote Yes?

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Nicola Sturgeon’s celebrated “Six reasons to vote Yes” deserve some comment.

Number one is more jobs, but it is difficult to correlate this to survey after survey – and firm after firm – suggesting businesses would leave Scotland after a Yes vote.

Number two is getting control of Scotland’s taxes, but her parallel demand for a currency union will inevitably involve a large measure of fiscal sovereignty being surrendered.

Number three is protecting the NHS, but health is already devolved to Holyrood and in recent years our health statistics are clearly worse than those south of the border.

Number four is Scotland not ending up with Tory governments, but there are surely less drastic ways of preventing this “catastrophe” – such as voting Labour.

Number five is retiring earlier, but this is another promise to be met from public spending which the impartial Office for Budget Responsibility warns is already out of control.

Number six is the creation of an oil fund, but we are too late to follow Norway and recent research warns of declining oil revenues as shale makes the North Sea uncompetitive.

At the risk of being accused of bullying the dear lady, I don’t buy any of her “reasons”.

Yours sincerely,

Dr John Cameron


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