Interview: ForeverYoursBetty’s Sheri Scott

Image: Sheri Scott.
Image: Sheri Scott.
Image: Sheri Scott

Amongst the plethora of famous UK fashion bloggers, the vast majority are London-based. Despite London’s overwhelming fashion talent however, Scottish bloggers are also creating content that rivals that of their Southern counterparts. In particular, Sheri Scott, the blogger behind, has become a personal favourite. Her vintage style encapsulates the perfect vintage-chic Scottish girl. Her bright hair, intriguing posts and brilliant blog layout set Sheri apart from the others. The Saint caught up with the Glaswegian and discussed her blog, personal style and the Scottish fashion blogging community.

The Saint: When did you start blogging?

Sheri Scott: I started blogging around five years ago. I was selling vintage clothes through the name Betty Swollocks (created due to the fictitious stories we would write to each item!)

TS: What inspired you to create your blog?

SS: I have never been a confident writer, and since leaving university I no longer had an ‘excuse’ to write, so I thought it would be a great to give myself an outlet to talk about the things I love.

TS: What is your opinion on the Scottish fashion blogging community?

SS: The Scottish Blogging community is close knit. Thanks to the wonders of Instagram and Twitter we all keep abreast on what we are all up to. I met my business partner Bee Waits through Social Media Week so it’s a great way to meet like-minded people!

TS: Tell me about your fabulous hair.

SS: Dying my hair orange seemed to be what changed Betty from my alter ego to my actual person! I just came out a long-term relationship and craved a change. I flung myself into my work and the orange hair and glasses became almost a trademark! I can see myself being in my 60s still donning the bright orange tresses a la Vivienne Westwood.

TS: Where are your top three favourite places to shop in Scotland?

SS: I am all about shopping local. I try to go to as many local shopping events like Bold Souls, Glad Rags and Granny Would Be Proud for all the best independently designed and vintage wears! Living in Glasgow’s West End there are only a handful of independent shops left so I love going in for a wander and a bargain as much as I can.

Image: Sheri Scott.
Image: Sheri Scott

TS: Who are your favourite Scottish designers?

SS: Tough question! There are so many amazing brands in Scotland at the moment! Obscure Couture is of course one of my favourites. I feel like our taste level of ‘go big or go home’ is shared so I am usually drooling over their entire collection. I also love the way Naromode tell a story through their collection, their ready to wear tees are a great way to grab a piece of up and coming Scottish design without breaking the bank. You will also very rarely see me without my Chouchou hood firmly attached to one of my jackets, a must have for anyone living with this weather!

TS: Who or what has inspired your unique style?

SS: I am heavily inspired by Cartoon Characters like Judy Jetson, Penelope Pitstop and Betty Rubble. They take classic cuts and go over the top with colour, which I always seem to do! I also take note from whatever series I am watching at the time, like Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl and Myrtle Snow from American Horror Story, their styling is spot on!

TS: What was your favourite show at London Fashion Week? (Or you can pick two if you can’t decide).

SS: My favourite show had to be Pam Hogg and her dedication to Pussy Riot. Watching all walks of life strut down the runway in a flurry of colour to the sounds of disco has my vote! I also couldn’t get enough of Henry Holland.

TS: Where do you see your blog in five years? Any advice to aspiring fashion bloggers that are too scared to start?

SS: In five years I hope that my blog is still running alongside my business Betty and Bee. It is difficult to keep them both separate, especially with a new joint blog in the works, but as long as I enjoy it I’ll keep on doing it. My advice? Make sure you keep on top of your social media. Don’t have one twitter for personal use and one for the blog as people identify with the personality behind the blog. I also recommend you head along to some of the many Scottish blogger meet ups which happen all over nowadays!


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