Campaign videos: Elections 2014

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If more serious videos are your thing then you can find interviews with all sabbatical candidates here.

Association president

Pat Mathewson

[vimeo 88039180 w=500 h=281]

Pat Mat walks through an impressive number of St Andrews locations but don’t watch this video for policies. That said, his video interview with The Saint has already been watched for the equivalent of over two and a half days.

David Patterson


Dave Patterson reveals his inner thespian by imitating films from almost all genres. My personal favourite is his take on the classic Sixth Sense line, “I see Dave people.”

Director of representation

Ondrej Hajda


“Czech” Ondrej Hajda continues the trend for dancing DoRep candidates. Maybe this will become a compulsory feature of the job?

Ali West

[vimeo 88255311 w=500 h=281]

Ali West brings a breath of fresh air to DoRep videos. TraditionAli they dance but imaginativeAli this video, allegedAli, involves none. (That’s enough puns now, Henry.)

Director of student development and activities

Fay Morrice

[vimeo 88263006 w=500 h=281]

Fay Morrice’s mortal enemy is RON (reopen nominations). In this video she performs a secret voodoo ritual called the “anti-RON dance”… also known as ripping up pieces of paper with people called Ron on them.

Director of events and services

Lewis Harding


Lewis Harding obviously put a lot of thought into this video. The highlight is a fantastic rendition of “wrecking ball”, although I really hope he washed that hammer before licking it…

Tola Akanbi-Onasanya

Tola Akanbi-Onasanya informs us that “it’s not the size, it’s how you use it.” Presumably this a reference to the lack of space next year due the redevelopment but it’s also a good general life lesson…

Campbell Anderson


Campbell Anderson has a rather excellent coat in this Matrix themed video. But does he have the potential to be the one?

Leon O’Rourke


Leon O’Rourke showcases his voiceover skills for the “trailer” to his own film “The Leon King.” Will it be the Oscars or the Razzies for this self-proclaimed “Hobbit” on Friday evening? Only time will tell.

AU president

Catherine Pendreigh


Catherine Pendreigh must have been the coldest of all candidates after making her video – with sea temperatures currently at a cool 7 degrees celsius it won’t be a surprise if she’s still shivering when the results come in on Friday.

Sarah Thompson


Sarah Thompson has a lot of fun with friends in the St Andrews fountain. Anyone else think that chair looks really comfy?

Other positions

Joseph Tantillo (Association chair)

[vimeo 88129787 w=500 h=281]

Joseph Tantillo makes us all jealous of his paper aeroplane skills in this video, with one even flying from McIntosh Hall to the Sports Centre. Hats off though to the beautiful videography in his video for Association Chair.

Jack McMillan (LGBT officer)


Jack McMillan livens up Market Street with this excellent video for LGBT officer. The best part is the faces of the people in the background at 1:23

Sam Moore (SSC broadcasting officer)


Sam Moore adds to the wrecking ball action in his video for broadcasting officer.

Ben Anderson (SSC performing arts officer)


Ben Anderson outlines his big plans for Mermaids with little people, but let’s hope the “Mermaidbook pro” is waterproof.

Jasmine Camm (SRC member for gender equality)


Jasmine Camm shows the lengths some people will go to get elected by neglecting all superstitions about the PH and stamping all over it. Let’s hope she does the May dip to pay for her academic sins… Some really great lip dubbing.


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