Vice-principal resigns

Photo: Sammi McKee

Des McSweeney, one of the University’s vice principals, has resigned after only a few months in the job to return to his career in publishing.

Mr McSweeney came to St Andrews during the summer of 2013. He had previously been the publisher of The Economist’s sister magazine Intelligent Life since it was established in 2007. He had worked for the company behind The Economist, Minter-Green, for 25 years and during this time he held numerous high-profile roles, including circulation and marketing director in the UK and publisher for The World In. He also launched and ran their website,

He took up the role at St Andrews last year, replacing Stephen Magee as vice principal for external relations. Here he was responsible for worldwide recruitment and many of the University’s services and facilities. He also headed the development, communications, admissions and careers structures. However, Mr McSweeney resigned from the role earlier this month in order to continue to pursue his career in publishing.


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