The Saint’s election poll reveals Pat Mathewson ahead as campaigning opens


In a quick poll conducted on The Saint’s website before campaigning began, Pat Mathewson received the greatest number of votes for the position of Association president. 223 participants completed the poll, providing the first indications of which candidates hold the advantage as campaign week gets underway.

Mathewson has early edge

Pat Mathewson received 52 per cent of participant votes, ahead of fellow candidates David Patterson on 32 per cent and Noah Ohringer on on seven per cent. 20 people (nine per cent ) indicated that their current choice would be to reopen nominations. Mr Ohringer’s lack of participant votes may be, in part, attributable to his last-minute decision to run for Association president over director of representation, the position for which he had originally intended to nominate himself. Early indications are, however, that he has significant ground to make up in this race.

DoRep almost a dead heat

Candidate for director of representation Ondrej Hajda received only one more vote than Ali West, 100 to 99, with 24 people (11 per cent) wishing to reopen nominations at this time. These votes suggest that DoRep may start out as the most closely contested race of all of the sabbatical positions.

Pressure off Morrice

There is no surprise that Fay Morrice, an unopposed candidate for director of student development and activities, has the most convincing lead of all sabb candidates, receiving 85 per cent of participant votes (189). This is the second consecutive year in which the position of DoSDA has been contested by only one candidate.

DoES too close to call

No clear frontrunner emerged out of the candidates for the director of events and services. Leon O’Rourke received the most number of participant votes, 66 (30 per cent), narrowly ahead of Lewis Harding who was the choice of 59 people (26 per cent). Adetola Akanbi-Onasanya and Campbell Anderson received 49 (22 per cent) and 20 (9 per cent) of votes respectively. 29 people (13) voted to reopen nominations.

Thompson begins AU race with head start

Sarah Thompson received 38 per cent of participant votes (84), leading Andrew Van Kralingen on 17 per cent, Cathy Pedreigh on 13 per cent, and Jeremy Hipps on 10 per cent. Although contested by four candidates, more people indicated that if the election was held today they would choose to reopen nominations for this position than for any other.

The poll does not necessarily indicate what the result would have been if the elections were to be held today, as it does not take into account the single transferable vote (STV) system used in the Association’s elections. Under STV, second preference votes are taken into account only if one candidate has not received 50 per cent of the first preference votes cast. Results of the poll should only be taken as the given opinions of participants and not as a scientific indicator as to the results of the elections.



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