Catwalk embodied all that St Andreans hold dear for a night out: self-imposed exclusivity, drunken fun and beautifully clad people. We like to feel special and included and in that respect, the Catwalk audience received exactly what they paid for. The dining table set up and overall calibre of dress made it feel like poor man’s award show (I’m obviously speaking figuratively here). It was the same crowd you might see on an average Tuesday nights at Ma Bells (pre-closure) with similar electropop music, which created a familiar feel, but the fashion show added a welcome change to the usual formula.

The level of detail in the event was admirable. From beautifully decorated tables (that soon got trashed) to intricately braided hair and glowing spray tans, every component was meticulously planned. The ‘Life in Print’ themed clothing were similarly eye-catching, though many outfits were solid block colours which was fairly confusing. The decorations were eye catching but not overpowering, and at the end of the night lay trampled across the floor, generally the sign of a good night.

Catwalk made no pretence of being a proper fashion show, but it worked because we’re all in on the joke. Even the models were aware of this truth as they strutted down the aisle, some of them taking it more seriously than others. These models were friends and no one was about to forget about it, as they danced at the end of the runway and reached down to kiss members of the audience. People were crowding around the end of the runway and apparently loved this model-audience interaction. Not everyone had such a stellar time though; one student, on the more sober end of the spectrum, put it best: “The highlight was struggling to get my wristband off at the end of the night.”

Catwalk was flashy, but not over the top. The emphasis was not on the clothes, but we never really believed it would be. It gave us exactly what we wanted and nothing more; it was a night of familiar adventure. As the old adage goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and with four fashion shows this term, the formula certainly isn’t going anywhere.

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  • February 13, 2014 at 8:12 am

    A fair review. As confusing (was it really that ‘confusing’?) as the use of block colour in the show is how you assert that the one student who ‘put it best’ was the one who struggled to get their wristband off at the end of the night (?), yet the rest of your review is a somewhat positive and measured assessment of the show. An incongruous appendix to a drab collection of paragraphs, but then again, despite your pretence as a journalist we’re all in on the joke that actually… you’re not, so there is plenty of room for poor writing. Glad that you (for the most part) seemed to enjoy the show – hope you’re attending FS and/or DW to make an attempt at some useful analysis, be it through The Saint or in the comfort of your own head.


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