Caroline Taylor provides an evening of operatic excellence

Last week saw St Andrews student Caroline Taylor take to the stage in Holy Trinity Church to perform a solo operatic recital. Before attending the performance I wasn’t sure what to expect, however I was immediately taken aback by her confidence and talent.

Taylor was accompanied by one of the Scotland’s most versatile musicians, Walter Blair, and performed a programme consisting of Mozart and Gilbert and Sullivan numbers. The venue offered a spiritual atmosphere, and it’s worth saying once again just how high the quality of performance was. When the ambiance of Holy Trinity Church combined with the music, the effect was harmonious to say the least.

The choice of music was excellent, and as a person who is not familiar with arias at all, Taylor’s attitude and explanation of the stories behind the pieces made it easier to understand the background and context of each song. Furthermore, the length of the programme ensured a pleasant night for everyone from beginners to lovers of the genre. It was a professional recital in every sense.

The friendly environment that Taylor and Blair worked to create was also successful. At charity events such as this the priority is, of course, to provide help to people in need, but I am glad to say that the recital was as hugely rewarding to those in attendance as it promises to be for Holy Trinity Church and Enid’s Star, a fund established in memory of Taylor’s grandmother, Enid Taylor.

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