Welly Ball after-party


Like so many of St Andrews’ big events, to get to the Welly Ball after-party everyone had to board a bus. Frankly, this has long since been my least favourite part of any event; there is inevitably a massive queue in which everyone must wait outside in the cold. So, even as I elected not to wear tights last night, I wondered whether I was going to freeze to death on South Street.

But when I arrived there was just a short queue, and I was on a bus within five minutes of my arrival.

It was a good start to a good night. The ride to Kinkell Byre wasn’t long, and when we got off and entered the building, the party was already in full swing. Once inside there was a photo booth complete with backdrop and then, as I walked toward the dance floor, there were two food stands and a few couches.

The main room, though, was what really made me excited for the night. For those who have not been to Kinkell Byre before, don’t fret: there is an upper level (maybe four feet or so above) the lower level dance floor. The music was good from the moment I arrived, and the two bars – one past the dance floor and another right beside it – were always crowded, but it wasn’t a terribly long wait. The bars were overpriced, per usual at balls, but it wasn’t too bad (certainly no worse than Ma Bells, pre-renovation).

The Buffalo Food truck waited outside and called to me, however. I genuinely loved the Cajun Fries I had there. My friend swears by the honey barbecue flavour, but I have to recommend the garlic mayo. To die for.

Frankly, I had low expectations of the night for a few reasons: first off, I have a killer cold and took enough flu medicine to knock out a horse, so I decided not to drink. This was strikingly not a problem; I had a lot of fun at Welly, even through the haze of cold medicine and tissues, which speaks to the fact that the event organizers weren’t just depending on the drunkenness of students to make the event work.

Second, Welly Ball is known as the ball that features the most students from other universities – presumably because of the clay pigeon shooting contest immediately preceding the dinner. This, I was concerned, might be a little awkward, since there would be such lines drawn between kids who knew each other and kids who did not. But it was so refreshing to see new faces after two and half months in the Bubble, and there were many new faces.

Overall the event was great, and it was a real testament to Welly Ball that a very sober, ill girl thought so.

Photo credit: Samantha Marcus. Full photo gallery available here.


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