A Little Party Never killed Nobody


Last Thursday night, the Vic played host to ‘A Little Party Never killed Nobody’. This Gatsby-themed party aimed to channel the spirit of the era in which “the parties were bigger, the pace was faster, the shows were broader, the buildings were higher, the morals were looser, and the liquor was cheaper.” The night proved to be an evening of great company and jazz music fuelling the party long into the night.

As soon as the party kicked off people were eager to embrace the Gatsby theme and donned 20s outfits, making the night one not to be forgotten any time soon. While the Vic seemed relatively empty in comparison to a Friday or Saturday night, the VIP section allowed people a more intimate area for conversation and champagne to flow. Additionally, owing to the size of the dance floor, the place seemed to be packed.

The event was hosted by eight students for a second-year management entrepreneur project. The Saint was able to find out more by talking to one of the hosts, Mikkel Lenborg Skajem.

The idea for an event was conceived, and to get more attention and give it a USP, it was decided that a themed party would be the best idea and get the most people to show up. After conducting a survey around St Andrews it was discovered that The Great Gatsby was the most popular theme. In addition the team decided to create a VIP area as the roaring 20s were all about extravagance and St Andrews students have a tendency to love VIP sections – they’re common in the majority of events hosted such as FS, May Ball, and Blackout.

Ultimately the team was able to discover that St Andrews students love a good party where you can dress up and have fun with your friends. And they were right on the mark. Based on the number of balls we host St Andrews students certainly like to party, and this event was top notch.


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