Would it work? Jonathan’s late night coffee house


In the last four years St Andrews has witnessed much change, with many new shops and restaurants opening in the main town, giving students a greater choice of places to shop, wine and dine. Yet despite the improvements to variety, St Andrews is still a town that has a curfew, with most establishments closing whilst the night is still young.

Although the Students’ Union has recently extended its licence to 2am for every night of the week, there is currently no option for students who wish to grab a late-night drink that’s not necessarily alcoholic. With Beanscene proving to be the current late night coffee house (a closing time of 10pm) I believe St Andrews is in need of a more student friendly caffeine hit, one that doesn’t involve Red Bull.

My proposition for the Bubble is a late-night coffee and smoothie bar – one that offers both hot and cold drinks, and perhaps even some food that doesn’t only involve the deep fat fryer. With the library cafe shutting nightly at 8pm, students would thrive from the option of having an environment to work, and where conversation doesn’t solely involve shouting across the Lizard dance-floor and being drowned out by the current UK top 40. With coffee and smoothies being served in those good old large American mugs, and perhaps a range of bagels, pastries and paninis on offer – along with access to wireless internet being included when purchasing food or drink, I believe this would be both a low cost student option and a lucrative business opportunity.

As well as providing competition to the current chippies of the Bubble, this would draw a new market of students who wish to relax in a truly ‘late-night’ coffee house – and maybe even do some work in a cafe that keeps its doors open beyond 10pm! After all, there’s only so much Dervish one can take after a night out – perhaps it’s time to challenge the current ‘Empire’ on late night St Andrews life.

Do you think this idea would work? Do you prefer Caleb’s burrito bar? Read our panel’s verdict and have your say here.


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