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Press release – University of St Andrews Boat Club

A beautiful day dawned over the river Clyde in Glasgow presenting great course conditions for the Clyde 3 Heads on 12 October. The course length of 3000 meters presented no problems for the Senior Men and especially the Senior Women, who rowed strong to finish first- a fantastic showing for the racing season.

The Senior Men, led by coxswain Devon Brameier, finished  strong  in the first race of the season. After a powerful starting sequence and keeping tight turns throughout, the men were neck and neck with Glasgow. St Andrews held off a veteran crew for the race’s entirety however, it was a constant battle between Glasgow University Boat Club (GUBC) and St Andrews for most of the course; Glasgow held St Andrews off from advancing throughout the entire race, and eventually edged out the St Andrews crew by a mere six seconds.

The Senior Women’s boat started out strongly but had a bit of trouble settling. This might have been due to the fact that the rented boat was missing a few key components however the team was not fazed in the slightest.

At the thousand-meter mark the St Andrews women started walking up on the Strathclyde University (SUBC) boat, which had started ahead of the St Andrews boat. At that mark the SUBC boat had a two boat-length lead on the St Andrews women. With coxswain Shelby Yvon leading the team along the Clyde, the St Andrews crew made some moves through the middle of the piece. When they were about 2000 down the team pulled strongly and walked up another length and then continued to move consistently up on the SUBC women. Yvon steered the boat expertly through the last bend and the team started to sprint with approximately 500-600 meters to go. The last straightaway showed the St Andrews team rowing well and continuing to walk up on SUBC. The final ten strokes were vital as St Andrews managed to pass their bow ball. The final time clocked in at 10.17.0.

Concluding the day’s events was a praiseworthy first outing for Thomas Thompson as he entered the Clyde 3 Head race as the first single to enter in a race for the University of St Andrews Boat Club.  After minor blunders, Mr Thompson dealt with the challenges that a single presents and showed great promise for future St Andrews sculling in upcoming races and regattas.

Congratulations to all St Andrews rowers on their first race of the season and good luck at the Aberdeen Head race on 2 November.


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