The Games by Sinners Sport

Sinners Sport, one of the finest St Andrews events, returned with a vengeance on the Wednesday of Freshers’ Week for its first instalment of this year.

Sinners, as the name may suggest, is often associated with obscenity, drunkenness and men in ties lording it up on the dance-floor like no tomorrow. It was indeed – as several of the cognoscenti of this town would term it – “loose”. Your correspondent, having supped a number of magical concoctions and beverages with the Clay Pigeon Shooting Club, was already coming apart at the seams before becoming completely detached upon crossing the threshold in the Union.

It did not seem as busy as it has in recent years; memories of a particularly riotous edition in the Freshers’ Week of 2011 set quite a high standard that this one, whilst good, failed to match. From admittedly hazy memory the bar was dispensing drinks with much haste. Credit must go to the shot bar found inside Venue One which was dishing out messy bombs and other assorted goodies in a most proficient and efficient manner.

The disk jockey was dropping some heavy beats which all blended seamlessly together to contribute to the jovial ambience of the event. The dead centre of the dance floor was where I found the gentlemen of the rowing club smearing baby oil into the naked and exposed flesh of Matthew Powell, Norfolk’s most notorious Welshman.  Before staining one of my finest shirts with the unsanitary substance, Matthew simply said: “This is surreal.” For many of the freshers around this slightly obscene sight, he probably took the words out of their mouth.

The crowd for this event was different. Owing to ticketing issues a number of sports clubs were unable to secure their traditional allocation for this gala event so a number of freshers took their place. This changed the tone slightly in that it wasn’t your quintessential Sinners’ experience.

But when sauntering off into the night having left the Union I could firmly say that it was a fun night.  Waking up with a glow stick tied around my head the morning after the night before certainly suggested that a good time was had by all.

Photos: Ben Goulter for V&F Photography

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