Silent disco

We think it’s safe to say that the Silent Disco was an interesting experience. From walking in to a room full of people dancing with no obvious soundtrack to leaving with the crowd belting out the Killers, the night was just plain weird.


After getting our wristbands, we were handed our headphones – which had two different ‘channels’ – and we made our way in. There didn’t appear to be a very clear distinction between the types of music played on each channel, with an eclectic mix of sing-along anthems being played out on both. We were treated to some interesting clashes however, including “ABC” by the Jackson 5 and “Gay Bar” by Electric Six and the odd combination of Beyoncé and the Backstreet Boys. The sight of two opposing groups singing and dancing to these at the same time was a strange phenomenon to say the least!

Despite initial low numbers, people weren’t deterred and seemed to really enjoy themselves. Everyone entered in on the spirit of the evening and danced as if they were at any other night out. The addition of a smoke machine pumped the crowd up even further.

Throughout the night, many incredulous people removed their headphones to marvel at the quietness of the room – which also happened to make ordering drinks and talking in the crowd much easier!

Although the evening would have been better with increased numbers, the enthusiasm of the crowd and the choice of well-known hits made the night a great success.

Photo: St Andrews Student Association 

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