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Milton Jones Matt Gibson

Taking our seats in a rather quiet Younger Hall, it looked as if low numbers were going to ruin the atmosphere. Our worries were soon resolved, however, as it quickly became packed, with only a few seats to spare by the time St Andrews’ very own Matt Gibson came on stage. His style of humour went down a treat with the locals and students alike. His topics, from his “laddish” group of friends to his plastic bag-hoarding ex-girlfriend, had everyone in stitches.

After a brilliant opening, Milton Jones took to the stage. Staring wildly into the crowd with his trademark mass of hair sticking up at all angles, we wondered what his set would have in store. But there was no need to worry. With his fast one-liners, he had us in tears of laughter within minutes. “If your name’s Andre, don’t end your texts with an x,” he quipped to the crowd as an early joke. “Andrex,” he explained to a few mystified looking faces.

Milton Jones

Stopping at random points during his set, he asked questions to the crowd, forming a special relationship with one audience member, Fraser. We learnt that Fraser’s profession was “making medium things” and his football team was most definitely Dundee United and not Dundee. When it came to audience participation, we were pleasantly surprised.

“I feel like I’m in an episode of The Simpsons where everyone’s gone to the town hall to see the weird guy,” he had said early on. He was most definitely the weird guy, but by the gradual flattening of his stuck up hair and the excellent 45-minute set, he became the hilarious weird guy.

All in all, an excellent night of comedy, and one definitely worth repeating.

Photos: Ellen Shaw


  1. Cheers for not spelling my name with a Z, had a great night, hope there’s more nights like this planned, enjoyed Matts set too




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