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The start of the new academic year (and the new Jewish year – shana tova) is upon us.

If you’re a fresher, welcome to the Bubble. By now you should be realising that living on your own, especially in a town like St Andrews, can be hugely expensive. Not to fear though, all you could ever possibly need to know about the best ways to keep financially afloat can be found in the two glorious pages and bountiful online section that proudly bare the appropriate name: Money.

If you’re a third or fourth year, you may be considering that impending and incredibly daunting prospect of job hunting. If you feel that graduation is the cliff looming on the horizon and you’re in a train whose tracks are about to end, then don’t panic yet: we have some fantastic advice for you from employers and St Andrews alumni.

If you’re a second year then you’re most likely arrogantly proclaiming that you know everything there is to know about the town. If you think you know what Market Street (the real one) is missing, then please feel free to submit your business idea to our panel of students and experts in our new feature that strikingly resembles the format of a famous BBC television show.

So you see, there really is something for everybody in this year’s bigger and better Money section. Except for postgraduates (they can skip ahead to Viewpoint). If you would like to write for the section or have something interesting you’d like to share with us then please email us at

Now that the formalities are all dealt with, let me try to explain the vague direction of this column (and believe me, it is incredibly vague). Over the coming year, I hope to entertain and enthral all four of my readers with ramblings and musing that, in some spurious way, have a connection to the general theme of this section.

With what little space I have left I would like to address the following: Many of us suffered the seemingly inevitable and frustratingly debilitating Freshers’ (week) flu. Yet it is only now that many of us are realising that our bank accounts also suffered similarly, a sort of Freshers’ financial fallout.

We, buoyed by the welcome addition of the student loan and tempted by the calls of the past weekend’s activities, have been playing a slightly dangerous game whereby we know our current levels of spending would mean that we’re most likely going hungry by week 4.

It is incredibly difficult to put the breaks on and slow down, especially after a large loan payment has hyper-inflated your bank balance. I found out the dangers of Amazon shopping when my order of history books quickly transformed into a basket (or more fittingly a trolley) full of Xbox games, DVDs and a novelty shower curtain.

Fresher’s Week was fantastic, but now it’s over. It’s time to be a little more sensible, with our bodies and our bank accounts.


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