Laser Tag


On Tuesday night we headed to the Union for a late night game of laser tag. Our expectations were high and as we didn’t book, we were fully prepared to join the back of the queue and slip in with a group who weren’t quite full. The initial relief at spotting no queue was short-lived as we discovered the place was deserted. In fact the whole of the Union was quiet. Maybe we were in the midst of the calm before the storm of Sinner’s Wednesday. Or maybe the diehard laser tag fans who made it such a hit in Refreshers Week earlier this year all knew that Monday was the night for laser tag.

laser tag

Well what did the rest of you miss? For the student friendly price of £3 you were supplied with your laser technology (a gun and a sensor) and sent in to battle in the well decked out Venue 1 of hiding places and partitions. In the eight minute game it was red team verses green team, fight to the ‘death’. Call of Duty fans, Star Trek enthusiasts and paintball professionals (as well as simply the young at heart) – this was for you.  It was for me too but unfortunately it required some of you, St Andrews students, to join me. Maybe it was bad timing or maybe £3 was too hard on the student pocket for a mere eight minutes. I would say that the organisers missed a trick by not offering more for your money whilst it was so quiet, but who were they really going to offer it to?

Photo credit: University of St Andrews Students’ Association


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