Jameela Jamil

Photo credit: Brian Kulik

After a brief comedy respite last night, Venue 1 was back playing host to a mob of dancing, singing, and sweating students as BBC Radio 1 DJ Jameela Jamil arrived in St Andrews to continue the Freshers’ Week festivities.

Recently made the new host of the BBC’s Radio 1 Chart Show, Jamil rocked the Union stage with a top mix of chart, dance and hip hop music, as was to be expected. But she was also an engaging stage presence herself – something that is often missing from DJ sets in past Freshers’ Weeks.

Photo credit: Brian Kulik
Photo credit: Brian Kulik

Clad in a polar bear hoodie, complete with ears, she ended up coming down from the stage and taking photos with the crowd of eager freshers, and by the end of the night it seemed pretty much everyone had their very own Jameela selfie. Indeed, the DJ herself affectionately described it as “more of a photo-shoot than a gig” on her Twitter account the following morning.

While neither as packed as Welcome to the Bubble, nor as raucous as Clan Warfare, Jameela Jamil’s set hit on an excellent balance of great tunes, enthusiastic attendees, and a brilliantly lively host. As a fantastically fun night, it’ll take some beating this Freshers’ Week.


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