Eden Brewery celebrates Freshers’ Week with special brew

Owner of the Eden Brewery, Paul Miller, with a painting of the original distillery at Guardbridge
Owner of the Eden Brewery, Paul Miller, with a painting of the original distillery at Guardbridge

A local brewery has produced a special ‘Freshers’ Fuel’ beer to celebrate Freshers’ week.

The Eden Brewery, which is also celebrating it’s first birthday this month, wanted to make a “thirst-quenching and drinkable beer” that is perfect for enjoying with friends old and new. ‘Freshers’ Fuel’ is described as a “refreshing golden session beer,”

The ‘Freshers’ Fuel’ carries on the Eden Brewery tradition of using local ingredients. It uses 100% local barely and is made from start to finish at the Brewery at the old Guardbridge paper mill. The site is owned by the University of St Andrews and is leased to Eden Brewery.

Waste products are also reused and recycled locally. Spent hops go to the Balgrove Lauder and a local farmer collects the grain to use as cattle feed.

eden brewery Scott
Scott Gowans, brewer at the Eden Brewery, making the beer

The Eden Brewery may only have been making beer for the past year but the brand is proud of the history associated with the paper mill site and the local town. For most of the 19th century, the mill operated as a Whiskey distillery. In 1860, the site was turned into a brewery and paper mill but in 1882 the brewery closed and the site operated purely as a paper mill until 2008. The last brewery in the parish of St Andrews closed in 1902 and from this time until the establishment of the Eden Brewery last year, there were no breweries in the local area.

The labels on some of their bottles reflect this history. Their ‘Seggie Porter’ beer features a photograph of the workers of the old brewery and the ‘Clock Brew’ is named after the clock that has adorned the side of the paper mill and been a landmark in the village for decades.

The Freshers’ Week brew is the latest in a line of products that celebrate events in the student calendar. Last year, they produced a Raisin weekend brew and they also made a beer to celebrate On the Rocks. These limited edition brews are sold alongside their regular range of over 10 types of beer.

The range has expanded rapidly over the last year. Paul Miller, owner of the Brewery, said: “We had expected to be producing 10,000 bottles per week by this point but we now have demand for 25,000 a week. We are finding it difficult to keep up with demand.”

“We are now employing 16 people- 6 full time and 10 part time and we are hoping to expand further in the coming months.”

‘Freshers’ Fuel’ will be served at bars across the town during Freshers’ Week and will be available on tap at Starfields this Saturday night.

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