Closing weekend


Thursday, Friday and Saturday threw a variety of Union events into the Freshers’ 2013 mix. The headline act, The LaFontaines were up on Thursday night, Friday was The Bop and Saturday introduced the new cheese nights at the Union with S Club Party putting in an appearance.

The LaFontaines

Now, I didn’t attend this event, so it’s rather hard to write a comprehensive review on it. I have been told that I didn’t really miss much, however. Turnout was low, with ticket prices dropped to £3 in an attempt to entice people in. The Union as a whole seemed quieter, with Daniel Palmer, DoES, rationalising it as “the lull between Sinners and Bop.”

The Bop

Many were glad to see the return of this St Andrews institution, albeit in a different form. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Bop, the music is generally chart and cheese, and always ends with “Mr Brightside” or similar. But this was the Bop 2013 – a refreshed take on one of St Andrews’ biggest nights. Daniel Palmer rejoined the Ents Crew for 45 minutes, while the rest of the sabbs were out at the graduation dinner.

S Club Party

The introduction of the new Rewind nights promises the old school Bop music alternated with a silent disco. Whether this will be successful remains to be seen – last night’s event got very mixed reviews. Generally, the drunker the person, the better S Club party was. One sober friend of mine posted on Facebook: “Well now we all know what the ‘S’ in S Club stands for…’shit'”, while others commented that their childhoods had been ruined. As one of the last big nights, this appears to have been a disappointment.

All photos by Ben Goulter and Oli Walker for V&F Photography


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